Android 开发技术周报 Issue#293

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#293

August 17, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 谷歌为Android TV开发者提供多种新功能

  2. Android 11将自动填表功能整合到键盘输入建议中

  3. 谷歌宣布Android Auto即将支持更多的导航和数字停车应用

  4. 谷歌Pixel 5只有XL版本 搭载骁龙765G且将比Pixel 4更便宜

  5. [图]Wear OS将迎来重磅更新:应用启动时间缩短20%


  1. 析构函数的妙用

  2. 一文搞懂Android JetPack组件原理之Lifecycle、LiveData、ViewModel与源码分析技巧

  3. 聚焦 Android 11: Android 开发者工具

  4. Android11真的要来了,最全适配实践指南奉上

  5. 以人为本 | Android 11 的消息通知

  6. Android 存储空间的最佳实践 (下)

  7. Kotlin修炼指南(三)——奇技淫巧


  1. AlphaPlayer

    AlphaPlayer是直播中台使用的一个视频动画特效SDK,可以通过制作Alpha通道分离的视频素材,再在客户端上通过OpenGL ES重新实现Alpha通道和RGB通道的混合,从而实现在端上播放带透明通道的视频。

  2. XposedDetectLib

    A light-weight yet powerful solution library for detecting xposed installation.

  3. themed-toggle-button-group

    Customisable toggle buttons inside a FlexboxLayout.

  4. mmat

    An automatically testing and analysis hprof library for android app (自动分析Android内存泄漏)

  5. DragDropTwoRecyclerViews

    Made some code example to demonstrate dragging and dropping from one RecyclerView into another.

  6. AndroidShell

    Execute shell commands on Android.

  7. indeterminate-checkbox

    Android CheckBox with additional 3rd indeterminate state

  8. copper

    A content provider wrapper for reactive queries

  9. easy-states

    The simple, stupid state machine for Java

  10. kotlinx-datetime

    A multiplatform Kotlin library for working with date and time.

  11. KOOM

    KOOM(Kwai OOM, Kill OOM)是快手性能优化团队在处理移动端OOM问题的过程中沉淀出的一套完整解决方案。

  12. scrcast

    A fully, featured replacement for screen recording needs backed by Kotlin with the power of Coroutines and Android Jetpack.


  1. jacoco-android-gradle-plugin

    Gradle plugin that creates JaCoCo test reports for Android unit tests


  1. Gallerit

    A sample Android gallery to search images posted on Reddit built using modern Android development tools (Architecture Components, MVVM, Coroutines, Flow, Navigation, Retrofit, Room, Koin)

  2. MovieHunt

    Movie Android App written in Kotlin, MVVM, RxJava, Android Architecture Components.

  3. Corey

    Personal fitness app. Workout. Schedule. Your body. Your goals.


  1. gitout

    A command-line tool to automatically backup Git repositories from GitHub or anywhere.

  2. transfer

    🍭 集合多个API的大文件传输工具.

  3. dex2jar

    Unofficial dex2jar builds

  4. APKLab

    Android Reverse Engineering WorkBench for VS Code


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