Android 开发技术周报 Issue#292

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#292

August 10, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Android即将获得类AirDrop功能:可向附近设备快速分享文件

  2. 谷歌为安卓文件管理应用引入可安全隐藏资料的Safe Folder功能

  3. Android TV新主界面将显示电影、电视节目和应用推荐内容

  4. 泄露的Android文档暗示了传说中的谷歌Pixel 5a与折叠屏新机

  5. 谷歌发布Android 11 Beta 3 距离正式版仅咫尺之遥

  6. Android将迎来新的应用内评价API 以缓解当前评价方式的困扰


  1. 谈一谈Android上的SurfaceTexture

  2. 在 Kotlin 中使用 Dagger 会遇到的陷阱和优化方法

  3. Android 存储空间的最佳实践 (上)


  1. RoundWidget

    Java 实现的 Android 原生圆角矩形控件,圆角 FrameLayout 和圆角 ImageView

  2. Tasker

    Tasker is intended to enable proper and easy use of the UI and background thread. It lets you perform operations in the background. When they’ve finished running, it then allows you to update views in the main event thread.

  3. SplitEditTextView


  4. WuDaozi

    Android image selector, written with Kotlin, inspired by zhihu/Matisse.

  5. MapHelper

    🌏 MapHelper是一个整合了高德地图、百度地图、腾讯地图、谷歌地图等相关路线规划和导航的地图帮助类库

  6. BlurImageSwitcher

    Lightweight Blurred ImageSwitcher Library

  7. integration-android

    Virtusize is a widget which opens when clicking on the Virtusize button, which is located next to the size selection on the product page.

  8. turbine

    A small testing library for kotlinx.coroutines Flow

  9. DevUtils

    一个 Android 工具库, 主要根据不同功能模块,封装快捷使用的工具类及 API 方法调用。 该项目尽可能的便于开发人员,快捷、快速开发安全可靠的项目,以及内置部分常用的资源文件,如 color.xml

  10. JCL

    ar Class Loader, a configurable and dynamic custom classloader designed to create, manage and manipulate isolated Java classloaders in IoC frameworks and web applications.

  11. Printama

    A very well documented android library for bluetooth thermal printer. Tested for 2 inch printers

  12. tinylog

    tinylog is a lightweight logging framework for Java, Kotlin, Scala, and Android

  13. flowcamera

    使用最新的CameraX 相机库 实现仿微信拍照和拍小视频(Based on the Camerax, faster and better compatibility)

  14. DocumentReader

    This library reads word documents (.doc and .docx), txt and PDF files, and gives the output content of the document as a String.

  15. CameraView


  16. NetworkResponseAdapter

    A Kotlin Coroutines based Retrofit call adapter that handles errors as a part of state

  17. FormFiller

    Android helper library to populate form fields with predefined data set

  18. ThirdPartyLicenseDisplay

    Displays third party license information

  19. audioswitch

    An Android audio management library for real-time communication apps.

  20. tempo

    ⌚Kotlin intuitive Date extensions.

  21. pesticide

    A Library To Write Domain-Driven Tests, written in Kotlin on top of Junit5

  22. kvision

    Object oriented web framework for Kotlin/JS


  1. apkscale

    A Gradle plugin to measure the app size impact of Android libraries


  1. GitExplorer

    Git Explorer is a simple android application to search git command on one click. Dedicated to all Software Developers with ❤️.

  2. PopCornShow

    Banco de dados com informações de filmes e séries.

  3. StreetComplete

    Easy to use OpenStreetMap editor for Android

  4. deltachat-android

    Email-based instant messaging for Android.

  5. moviespreview

    An application to show movies data based on TheMovieDB API.

  6. AndroidPlanisphere

    A simple star chart that shows sun, moon and stars as well as constellations and planets.

  7. EasyBook



  1. SwipeBackLayoutTouTiao

    仿今日头条、腾讯新闻界面滑动关闭 下层activity有缩放效果

  2. Cherry

    一款采用谷歌最新mvvm架构和Jetpack架构组件,kotlin 携程网络请求,Arouter组件化开发的干货集中营客户端"


  1. android-layout-inspector

    More stable Android Layout inspector than Android Studio Layout Inspector. Allows you to switch between displaying dimensions in PX and DP (only for new layout captures, not for opened files)

  2. Recaf

    A modern Java bytecode editor


  1. 华为应用市场 AppGallery Connetc 开发者沙龙

    快速构建应用,提升运维效率,保证应用开发质量,优化应用质量,云上架构将为你带来最便捷的方案!来看看华为应用市场AppGallery Connect 开发者沙龙。8月13日,上海站等你来撩~


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