Jetpack Compose Weekly Issue#1

Jetpack Compose Weekly Issue#1

November 26, 2020 0 条评论 Jetpack Compose


  1. Jetpack Compose 基础知识

  2. Compose 编程思想

  3. 深入详解 Jetpack Compose | 实现原理


  1. JetTheme

    A flexible theme provider for Jetpack Compose. Supports dynamic theme changes and saving theme preference.

  2. compose-richtext

    DSL for rendering fancy text with Compose.

  3. ComposeViewPager

    ViewPager for Jetpack Compose

  4. ComposeDateTimePicker

    A date and time picker for Jetpack Compose

  5. neon

    Provides Jetpack Compose support for different image loading libraries.

  6. ComposeDataTable

    DataTable View using Jetpack Compose

  7. compose-material-dialogs

    Common material dialogs for Jetpack Compose

  8. compose-backstack

    Simple composable for rendering transitions between backstacks.

  9. ComposeFillableLoaders

    Port of AndroidFillableLoaders library to Jetpack Compose.

  10. ComposeDrawer

    DebugDrawer for and made by Jetpack Compose

  11. compose-to-edge

    a large library allowing you to easily setup edge-to-edge configurations for your Jetpack Compose app.

  12. compose-jb

    Jetpack Compose for Desktop, a modern UI framework for Kotlin that makes building performant and beautiful user interfaces easy and enjoyable.

  13. Dark-Toggle-Button-Sample-Jetpack-Compose

    Animated dark mode toggle button with Jetpack Compose. 🚀

  14. svg-to-compose

    Converts SVG and Android Vector Drawable in Jetpack Compose code

  15. CardStack

    Tinder-like swipe cards using Jetpack Compose

  16. ColoredShadow.kt

    Draw a colored shadow in Android Jetpack Compose


  1. ColorfulBorders.kt

    A modifier that add colorful border around your composables


  1. JetDelivery

    JetDelivery is a sample food delivery app, built with Jetpack Compose

  2. StarbucksCoffeeJetpackComposeUI

    Starbucks Coffee made with Jetpack Compose, Kotlin's UI Toolkit

  3. MoviesKotlinDemo

    PoC of an application to book a ticket to watch a movie with JetPack Compose.

  4. AndroidComposeSamples

    An Android app which provides examples for Android Jetpack Compose

  5. JetpackComposeParkinho

    Uma documentação sobre o Jetpack Compose totalmente em Português(BR)

  6. JetpackCompose

    Jetpack compose sample to create a Travel Application

  7. compose-weather-forecast

    Weather forecast built with Jetpack Compose

    ![](Weather forecast built with Jetpack Compose)

  8. Jetpack-Compose-MVI-Demo

    Demo / Sample Android Project created with Jetpack Compose and MVI Architecture Pattern

  9. ComposeCodelab

    An implementation of Compose Codelab and creation of Gmail App UI in Jetpack Compose live coding at 360Andev Conference

  10. BikeShare

    Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI based Kotlin Multiplatform sample project

  11. JetHub

    Sample App with Jetpack components(LiveData, Navigation, ViewModel) + MVVM + coroutine + single activity

  12. Retrogamer-Compose

    Retro games implemented using Jetpack Compose


  1. Cheddar

    Hacker News reader for Android, written in Compose

  2. bmi-compose

    Jetpack Compose app based on inspiration from the flutter app BMI-Calculator

  3. NotyKT

    NotyKT is the complete Kotlin-stack note taking 🖊️ application 📱 built to demonstrate a use of Kotlin programming language in server-side and Modern Android development tools. Dedicated to all Android Developers with ❤️.

  4. android-2048-compose

    2048 implemented using Jetpack Compose


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