Android 开发技术周报 Issue#300

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#300

January 11, 2021 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Google Phone官方应用终于支持完整的通话录音

  2. Nova Launcher第7版公测 带来新的动画和更多的功能


  1. Kotlin Vocabulary | Kotlin 委托代理

  2. Android事件分发机制抽象--钓钩模型

  3. 京东APP收银台Kotlin化实践

  4. 使用 R8 压缩您的应用

  5. 聊聊 APK —— AAR 的合并进 APK


  1. FullDraggableDrawer

    Make Android DrawerLayout can be dragged out in real-time within the range of fullscreen

  2. bottom-sheets

    Many beautiful bottom sheets for quick use in your project. OptionsSheet, CalendarSheet, ColorSheet, ClockTimeSheet, TimeSheet, InputSheet (forms/surveys), InfoSheet, CustomSheets... sheet everything!

  3. frogo-recycler-view

    RecyclerView With No Adapter and Shimmer Effect 🚀

  4. AdvancedBiometricPromptCompat

    This is an Android project allowing you to use the advanced biometric authorization features.

  5. ogTagParser

    📲 An API to parse open graph tags for Kotlin & Android

  6. j2v8-debugger

    This project is an add-on for the excellent J2V8 Project. It allows users to debug JS running in V8 using Chrome DevTools. Uses Stetho for communication with Chrome DevTools.

  7. EasyHttp

    Android 网络请求框架,简单易用,so easy

  8. DiDiPrism

    小桔棱镜,一款专注移动端操作行为的利器! A powerful tool (iOS & Android) that focuses on mobile operation behavior!

  9. HDRocket


  10. Dispatch

    Utilities for kotlinx.coroutines which make them type-safe, easier to test, and more expressive. Use the predefined types and factories or define your own, and never inject a Dispatchers object again.

  11. speedometer

    A lightweight circular indicator view library for Android

  12. belay

    Robust error-handling for Kotlin and Android

  13. VideoLayout

    To play video on layout background (textureview videoview for layout designs)

  14. flower

    Super cool android library to manage database caching and networking with ease.

  15. taskprogressview

    A lightweight task progress calendar view library for Android

  16. easypermissions-ktx

    🔓 Kotlin version of the popular google/easypermissions wrapper library to simplify basic system permissions logic on Android M or higher.

  17. SkeletonBlock


  18. kable

    Kotlin Asynchronous Bluetooth Low-Energy

  19. AndroidLaTeXMath

    A LaTeX rendering library for Android

  20. toolkit

    [WIP] - Toolkit 是一套可提高生产力并以各式各样的功能强大的小工具🔧️(Gradle-Plugin、UI-Kit、Ktx 等...)组成的工具包。Tookit is a series of powerful tools🔧️, built to help developers simplify and accelerate kotlin development.

  21. FragmentKey


  22. TabLayoutNiubility

    Android自定义控件之RecyclerView打造万能ViewPager TabLayout(仿今日头条Tab滑动、Tab多布局、indicator蠕动、自定义indicator、文字颜色渐变、自定义Fragment)

  23. Cabret-Log

    ✏️ Method call logging for Kotlin Multiplatform


  1. android-multimodule-navigation-example

    android multimodule navigation example

  2. android-webview-upload-file



  1. legado

    阅读3.0, 阅读是一款可以自定义来源阅读网络内容的工具,为广大网络文学爱好者提供一种方便、快捷舒适的试读体验。

  2. InTimeAndroid

    Android interval timer app using compose + compose navigation, dagger hilt, room, kotlin coroutines + flow and mvvm design pattern.

  3. pokedex-ar

    🦄 Android Pokedex-AR using ARCore, Sceneform, Hilt, Coroutines, Flow, Jetpack (Room, ViewModel, LiveData) based on MVVM architecture.

  4. liveboot

    Sources for the LiveBoot app for rooted Android devices


  1. rogcat

    A adb logcat wrapper

  2. TraceReader



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