Android 开发技术周报 Issue#294

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#294

August 24, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 以隐私安全之名 Android 11砍掉了第三方相机应用选择器

  2. Android端自动填充功能现支持生物识别 进一步提高安全性

  3. 谷歌呼吁Android开发者为5G时代的到来做好准备

  4. 谷歌Pixel 5和Pixel 4a(5G)真机实拍图泄露 规格得到确认


  1. Kotlin修炼指南(三)——奇技淫巧

  2. Android Camera内存问题剖析

  3. 即学即用Kotlin - 协程

  4. 抽丝剥茧Kotlin - 协程

  5. 小技巧 | 在 Android Studio 调试应用 (上)

  6. Android 11 开发者常见问题: 存储 | FAQ・第二期

  7. 在 Android 和 Hilt 中限定作用域


  1. ThreadTracker

    thread tracing for android Android 线程追踪工具

  1. locus-android

    An Awesome Kotlin Location library to retrieve location merely in 3 lines of code

  2. ZoomHelper

    ZoomHelper will make any view to be zoomable just like Instagram pinch-to-zoom

  1. SealedSubclassInstantiator

    Instantiates instances of subclasses of a sealed class (Kotlin)

  2. AXVideoTimelineView

    AXVideoTimelineView - Video Cropper View - Android

  1. Roomigrant

    Automated Android Room ORM migrations generator with compile-time code generation

  2. AXEmojiView

    an advanced library which adds emoji,sticker,... support to your Android application.

  1. aaper

    Ensure Android runtime permissions using annotations only

  2. wlmedia

    Android 音视频播放SDK,几句代码即可实现音视频播放功能(支持:手机、电视盒子等设备。支持:http、https、rtsp、rtp、rtmp、byte[]、加密视频和各种文件格式视频;包含视频截图、音轨选择、字幕选择、循环播放、设置软解或硬解、自定义视频滤镜、变速变调、声道切换、无缝切换surface(surfaceview和textureview)、视频比例设置、多路音视频播放等。)

  1. refreshVersions

    Life is too short to google for dependencies and versions

  2. DynamicAmountEditText

    Customizable EditText with runtime amount formatting. There's nothing extra. Supports different separator's types.

  1. native-utils

    A simple library class which helps with loading dynamic JNI libraries stored in the JAR archive

  2. AwesomeDialog

    A Beautiful Dialog Library for Kotlin Android

  1. GloballyDynamic

    Dynamic Delivery everywhere through a common API

  1. satchel

    A fast, secure and modular key-value storage with batteries-included for Android and JVM.


  1. WeiXinRecordedDemo

    仿微信视频拍摄UI, 基于ffmpeg的视频录制编辑

  1. sceneviewer-intent-sample

    Test different Scene Viewer intent settings for Android app


  1. Collaborate-Board

    Realtime collaborate board based on Firebase developed and written in Kotlin.

  1. ChatAir-android

    A highly advance featured chat app in android using Firestore

  2. TapTap

    Port of the double tap on back of device feature from Android 11 to any Android 7.0+ device

  3. FunnyClips

    一款Kotlin开发的谷歌material design 设计风格的短视频app



    Create beautiful mobile & browser mockups from screenshots

  2. boil

    Boil is a CLI companion to add boilerplate codes to your Gradle project


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