Android 开发技术周报 Issue#291

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#291

August 03, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 来 GitHub 参与 Jetpack 开源协作!

  2. 聚焦 Android 11: 开发语言

  3. 安卓之中还能运行安卓 神奇的安卓虚拟机App

  4. 谷歌开始向更多用户推送测试版“附近分享”功能

  5. Android 11将是最后一次支持Pixel 2系列设备的操作系统更新

  6. 谷歌爆料者暗示将会有5G版Pixel 5和Pixel 4a


  1. 在 View 上使用挂起函数


  1. XuanImageView

    XuanImageView extends ImageView with scaling function, rotating function, ect. Particularly, its auto-rotate-back-to-initial-state behavior mimics that in Google Photo.

  2. Cekrek

    Cekrek is an android library that allows you to export any view to bitmap or image file in a convenient way.

  3. RichEditor


  4. kiel

    Kiel is a RecyclerView.Adapter with a minimalist and convenient Kotlin DSL which provides utility on top of Android's normal RecyclerView.Adapter.

  5. LifecycleDispose

    Dispose automatically RxJava streams using AAC Lifecycle.

  6. PowerAct

    An Android library that can manipulate power-related actions with just few lines of code.

  7. UnsplashPhotoPicker

    📷 Android Library providing a photo picker to search and download photos from Unsplash

  8. blessed-android

    BLESSED is a very compact Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) library for Android 5 and higher, that makes working with BLE on Android very easy.

  9. adaptive-recycler-view

    Library for creating RecyclerView with warning message of data availability

  10. FudiPermission

    ⚔️quickly way to use Android permissions

  11. scrcast

    Drop-in Android Screen Recording Library

  12. Photto

    Photto is Android Image Upload, ImageCaching, ImageView Zoom, Photo Collage and Image Show helper library

  13. BlurShadowImageView

    A library for Android provides blurred drop shadows to ImageView similar to iOS image backdrop shadows.

  14. mvflow

    Simple Android MVI architecture using Kotlin Flows

  15. PickiT

    An Android library that returns real paths from Uri's

  16. Android-Extensions

    An Android library with modules to quickly bootstrap an Android application.

  17. ShowMoreLess

    A simple Android library for displaying a more and less functionality in TextView and very easy to Convert your TextView in ExpandableTextView

  18. FloatWindow

    A Util class to control window showing in Android. FloatWindow could be clicked, dragged, auto-stick to border of screen, auto-dimiss.

  19. drawing-activity

    Android library for getting lightweight DrawingActivity into your Android app

  20. MaterialPreference

    ⚙️A library designed to replace default preferences on Android framework with something beauty.

  21. blitz

    blitz is a very lightweight Android library that allows you to set a self-updating string with relative time in TextView in just one line of code.

  22. calcdialoglib

    A fully customizable calculator dialog for Android compatible with API 14. Can be used to replace the numeric keyboard and useful to enter monetary amounts for example.

  23. GithubVisualizer

    📲 Android Application to track any user activity on Github built using the Github Developers Api. Used Retrofit to fetch data and MVVM Architecture.

  24. App-Manager-Android

    A simple app manager for Android written in Kotlin. View app related info, launch or uninstall apps.


  1. AndroidQStorage

    本项目是,在当前Android Q即将大规模普及的情况下,适配Android Q对存储权限做出的调整,而进行的一个实战项目。


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