Android 开发技术周报 Issue#290

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#290

July 22, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 高管透露Android 11版本号仍有甜点名称 只是不再公开

  2. Android 11 Beta 2.5发布:修复Pixel 4系列闪屏问题

  3. Android 11的甜点代号是什么?红丝绒蛋糕


  1. 划重点 | Android Jetpack 三大重要更新!


  1. UltimateBarX

    Make Android transparent statusbar and navigationbar easy.一款方便的设置状态栏和导航栏的各种效果的框架,可以设置各种效果,透明、半透明、固定颜色、布局是否侵入等;状态栏和导航栏分开设置,互不影响;支持 Android 4.4 以上,各系统版本的现实效果高度统一;支持 Activity 和 Fragment;同一个 Activity 或 Fragment 可以多次设置不同的效果

  2. flow-combinetuple-kt

    Helper function to combine Flow into tuples.

  3. StatusBarAlert

    Telegram X inspired android status bar alert view

  4. xmlutil

    XML Serialization library for Kotlin

  5. AndroidClearChroma

    A material color picker for Android

  6. inquiry

    Inquiry is a simple library for Android that makes construction and use of SQLite databases super easy.

  7. DateTimePicker

    DateTimePicker 一个简约、漂亮的日期时间选择器,支持大面积自定义UI,内置日期时间选择弹窗,基于 Google BottomSheetDialog,可直接使用。

  8. ActionBarEx


  9. korim

    Korim: Kotlin cORoutines IMaging, Bitmap and Vector graphics for Multiplatform Kotlin

  10. photo-editor

    Photo editor with a lot of cool features

  11. youtube-dl-android

    Android library wrapper for youtube-dl executable. Based on yausername's youtubedl-android but with ability to download binary files at runtime to decrease apk size.

  12. minion-android

    Minion is a handy group-key-value data storage library, powered by INI format

  13. HiddenSearchWithRecyclerView

    Simple library to have a hidden/shown search bar

  14. indeterminate-checkbox

    Android CheckBox and RadioButton with additional 3rd indeterminate state

  15. moko-errors

    Automated exceptions handler for mobile (android & ios) Kotlin Multiplatform development.

  16. OverlappingPanels

    a gestures-driven navigation UI library for Android

  17. maskara

    A simple way to format text fields without getting affected by input filters.


  1. AndroidBase

    Android project template + 100% Kotlin + Base module + Gradle Kotlin DSL + Common libraries = ❤️


  1. auto-module

    A Gradle plugin to generate a module graph and include them modules

  2. AndroidPluginStudy



  1. XimalayaKotlin

    一个模仿企鹅 FM 界面的 Android 应用—喜马拉雅Kotlin。完全使用 Kotlin 开发。有声资源和播放器由喜马拉雅 SDK 提供。An unofficial Ximalaya FM client for Android entirely written using Kotlin language.

  2. SafeCharger

    This is a simple android application to maintain good battery life.

  3. space-app

    An Android app which shows timeline of upcoming rocket launches and showcases architecture of real application.

  4. OptiVideoEditor-for-android

    Native Video editor : Video trim, Audio, Video merge, Slow and fast motion, Text and image, etc...


  1. android-custom-lint-rules

    This sample demonstrates how to create a custom lint checks and corresponding lint tests

  2. ComposeCodelab

    An implementation of Compose Codelab and creation of Gmail App UI in Jetpack Compose live coding at 360Andev Conference

  3. MVIFlow

    MVI is cyclic and produces an immutable state.


  1. Proxyman

    Modern and Delightful HTTP Debugging Proxy for macOS, iOS and Android

  2. ExtendedAndroidTools

    Extended Android Tools is a place to host and maintain a build environment and makefiles cross compiling Linux tools we all love for Android.

  3. easy-dumpsys

    Script that outputs this adb command: adb shell dumpsys activity <package> in a far smaller, easier & user-friendlier way...

  4. dependency-watch

    Script to wait for an artifact to appear on Maven Central or to monitor coordinates for new versions.


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