Android 开发技术周报 Issue#263

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#263

January 13, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. [图]50多家组织致信谷歌:允许用户卸载所有Android预装应用程序

  2. AndEX推出200108编译版本 可在PC上运行Android 10

  3. 谷歌尝试为PWA应用引入多标签栏UI

  4. [图]2020年1月Android安全补丁和Pixel更新发布:修复40个漏洞


  1. 聊聊协程的发展历程

  2. Gradle Builds Everything —— Extends Android Gradle Plugin


  1. DSBridge-Android

    🌎 A modern cross-platform JavaScript bridge, through which you can invoke each other's functions synchronously or asynchronously between JavaScript and native.

  2. ByteX

    a bytecode plugin platform based on Android Gradle Transform Api and ASM. 字节码插件开发平台

  3. CacheWebView

    Custom implement Android WebView cache, offline website, let cahe config more simple and flexible

  4. BackgroundLibrary

    A framework for directly generating shape through Tags, no need to write shape.xml again(通过标签直接生成shape,无需再写shape.xml)

  5. Rumble-4-Android

    Dead simple Android library for API independant Vibration functionality with fluent interface.

  6. LiTr

    Lightweight hardware accelerated video/audio transcoder for Android.

  7. JsonDSL

    a DSL in Kotlin for creating your JSON in a more easy and readable way.

  8. Lazybones

    😴 A super lazy and fluent Kotlin expression for initializing lifecycle-aware property.

  9. AutoStarter

    This library helps bring up the autostart permission manager of a phone to the user so they can add an app to autostart.

  10. navigation

    The new Navigation Architecture Component in colaboration with Bottom Navigation bar

  11. XRadarView

    a "A highly customizable radar view for Android". XRadarView 是一个可高度自定义的雷达图控件。

  12. MobidMask

    A library for fast and safe delivery of parameters for Activities and Fragments.

  13. PaintableVectorView

    PaintableVectorView enables to change color of paths/groups in Vector Drawable (SVG)

  14. ZoomRecylerLayout

    An beautiful Zoom Animation Library for RecyclerView Items in Android using Kotlin.

  15. Inject

    A simple Kotlin multi-platform abstraction around the javax.inject annotations.

  16. SpannableStringParser

    📜🔍 [LIBRARY] A SpannableString Parser for Android


  1. Zhumulangma


  2. K-9 Mail

    an open-source email client for Android.

  3. Unciv

    An open-source Android/Desktop port of Civ V, Made with LibGDX on Android Studio


  1. Git Versioner for gradle

    Extracts a useful versionCode and versionName from git history

  2. skullbones

    Skull and Bones - Kotlin platform type usage marker


  1. adeb

    A debian-based shell environment designed for Android and adb

  2. git-revision

    Git extension to generate a meaningful, human readable revision for each commit in a git repository.

  3. massCode

    A free and open source code snippets manager for developers.


  1. Python最佳实践指南!


  1. 地球青年|我在南极科考的三个月


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