Android 开发技术周报 Issue#264

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#264

January 20, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 跑分网站显示Google Pixel 4已跑上Android 11

  2. iPhone SE2劲敌 谷歌Pixel 4a很可能有骁龙730/765两个版本

  3. Google Phone应用准备提供通话录音功能

  4. 更新完成没通知?谷歌Play应用商店Bug已修复

  5. 谷歌将类似AirDrop的快速分享功能更名为Nearby Sharing


  1. 了解一下,Android 10中的ART虚拟机(I)

  2. 快看!DataBinding和LiveData搞在一起了

  3. Gradle Transform + ASM 探索


  1. KaTeXView

    A library that uses Khan Academy KaTeX for TeX math rendering.

  2. Square Cycler

    The Square Cycler API allows you to easily configure an Android RecyclerView declaratively in a succinct way.

  3. Rabbit

    🐰【Android APM System】【 Android Develop Tools】【net request log】【crash Log】【 fps monitor】【 block monitor】【app speed】【apk analyzer】 etc.

  4. TapCard

    A Java library used to read and extract data from NFC EMV credit cards.

  5. EMV NFC Paycard Enrollment

    A Java library used to read and extract data from NFC EMV credit cards (Android/PCSC).

  6. RxCountDownTimer

    An Android library written in Kotlin that wraps the CountDownTimer so it can be used with RxJava.

  7. loadinglayout


  8. Curry

    Android currency conversion library

  9. ClockAnimationView

    Android animated clock view.

  10. StoriesProgressView

    show horizontal progress like instagram stories.

  11. ParallaxRecyclerView

    A RecyclerView with parallax folding effect.

  12. HorizontalCalendarView

    A simple library to display a horizontal calendar with custom start and end date, and mark events with a background

  13. ReactiveBeacons

    Android library scanning BLE beacons nearby with RxJava

  14. Bracer

    Pass parameters safely and quickly between activities or fragments.在各个Activity或者各个Fragment之间安全快速的传递参数

  15. Yasha (夜叉)

    Kotlin-based modern RecyclerView rendering weapon

  16. Sange

    A powerful Recyclerview Adapter

  17. RxRouter
    A lightweight, simple, smart and powerful Android routing library.一个轻量级、简单、智能并且强大的安卓路由库

  18. MobileInfo

    获取 Android 手机硬件的全部信息

  19. EasyRTMP-Android

    A simple, robust, low latency RTMP video&audio&screen stream pusher and recorder on android.精炼、稳定、高效的安卓前/后摄像头/手机桌面屏幕采集、编码、RTMP直播推送工具,延时控制在300ms~500ms,支持市面上所有的标准RTMP流媒体服务器和CDN服务!

  20. rxkprefs

    🛠 A small Kotlin library to make shared preferences easy + RxJava and Coroutines support

  21. LifeClean

    mvp and mvvm with lifecycle

  22. ktor-retrofit

    Turns a Retrofit service interface into Ktor routing. Very early stage prototype.

  23. Leoric

    PoC of fighting against force-stop kill process on Android.一个 Android 上的黑科技保活方法的 PoC,它可以对抗在任意 Android 版本上的 force-stop 杀进程。

  24. SwipeRevealLayout

    A layout that you can swipe/slide to show another layout.

  25. AndroidSafFile

    A wrapper of Android Storage Access Framework for writing files on Ext SD card in both Java and JNI native code.


  1. Android Kotlin Clean Architecture App

    Android Sample Clean Architecture App written in Kotlin

  2. Android Clipboard Security Hole Demonstration App

    A project demonstrating a security hole In Android's API that allows any installed application to listen to changes to the clipboard (listen to everything that you copy and paste).


  1. MovieMan

    An open-source Android app for viewing Movies / TV information.

  2. Android-NFC

    This Project helps developer to read data from credit card: card number, expired date, card type , Read & Write data in NFC tocken.

  3. DroidKaigi 2020 official Android app

    The Official Conference App for DroidKaigi 2020 Tokyo

  4. New Leanote Android (Leamonax)

    New Leanote Android (Leamonax)

  5. EasyMark

    The markdown parser, editor and viewer for Android which is rather easy to integrate.

  6. MarkNote

    An open sourced markdown note-taking application for Android

  7. markor

    Text editor - Notes & ToDo (for Android) - Markdown, todo.txt, plaintext, math, ..

  8. PopularMovies

    🎥 Movie discovery app showcasing Android best practices with Google's recommended architecture: MVVM + Repository + Offline support + Android Architecture Components + Paging library & Retrofit2.

  9. compose-pokedex

    Android Pokedex on Jetpack Compose.


  1. Gradle Lint Plugin

    A pluggable and configurable linter tool for identifying and reporting on patterns of misuse or deprecations in Gradle scripts.

  2. IntelliJ Detekt Plugin

    ntegrates detekt, a static code analysis tool for the Kotlin programming language, into IntelliJ.


  1. GitHub Dark Theme

    GitHub Dark Theme - Extension for Chrome and Firefox

  2. Optimus Template

    Optimus Template is the native framework for Optimus, designed to help you to get started with your tests in the swiftest time possible.

  3. JetBrainsMono

    the free and open-source typeface for developers


  1. AndroidSecNotes

    一系列学习 Android 安全时记录的一些笔记


  1. 设计中到底有多少艺术的成分?


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