Android 开发技术周报 Issue#262

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#262

January 06, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 谷歌Pixel a XL版断更:Pixel 4a XL不会有了

  2. 谷歌推出Coral迷你开发板和Coral加速器模块

  3. 谷歌真的变了:官僚作风致管理不当,员工突破10万

  4. [图]Google Travel以PWA形态登陆PC和手机:更轻松管理出行计划


  1. 如何正确开发外观样式 | AndroidDevSummit 中文字幕视频

  2. 如何在大屏幕上打造精良的 Android 体验 | AndroidDevSummit 中文字幕视频


  1. 了解一下,Android 10中的APEX

  2. Kaspresso: The autotest framework that you have been looking forward to. Part I

  3. Gradle Builds Everything —— 从 0 开始做插件

  4. 代码健康:有礼貌的审查 == 有用的审查


  1. UniversalVideoView

    A better Android VideoView with more Media Controller customization. 一个更好用的Android VideoView

  2. OpenDanmaku

    一个Android的弹幕控件.Open Danmaku is a Android widget which shows danmaku animation.

  1. Universal Router

    Universal router comes with two flavor, the core module which basically a link router that can convert your URI to whatever you need. And the Android module which more opinionated to how you can use it to help you solve your navigation problem

  2. ImagePicker

    A simple library to select images from the gallery and camera.

  3. AndroidNavigation

    A library managing navigation, nested Fragment, StatusBar, Toolbar for Android

  4. Infinte-banner

    a view that can automatically or manually scroll in a loop for a banner infinitely, which is very easy to use and is similar to ViewPager. Meanwhile, it not only solves the problem that ViewPager cannot scroll infinitely, but also reuses its child views so that less memory will be token while scrolling.一个能够无限轮播的banner,它的用法简单而且与ViewPager非常类似,解决了ViewPager无法无限轮播的痛点

  5. AnimatedCountTextView

    🚀 A library that helps you animate change in numeric values in a TextView

  6. CurrencyEditText

    💰 A library to dynamically format your EditTexts to take currency inputs

  7. RoomExplorer

    🔎 A quick and easy in-app database viewer and manager library for your Room databases.

  8. 🌖 Edge-to-Edge

    Android library for enabling edge-to-edge content and insetting views using simple Kotlin DSL

  9. ModernAndroidPreferences

    Android Preferences defined through Kotlin DSL, shown in a RecyclerView

  10. DQ-Android-Labs

    Magical modules with cool tech.The best dynamic so loader for android. 无需修改已有工程的so加载逻辑,支持so动态下发并安全加载的方案。

  11. AudioRecordView

    Audio visualizer that can be used during sound recording

  12. Donut 🍩

    Doughnut-like graph view capable of displaying multiple datasets with assignable colors

  13. ShadowLayout

    可定制化阴影的万能阴影布局ShadowLayout 2.0 震撼上线。效果赶超CardView。阴影支持x,y轴偏移,支持阴影扩散程度,支持阴影圆角,支持单边或多边不显示阴影;支持随意更改颜色值,支持随意更改颜色值,支持随意更改颜色值。重要的事情说三遍

  14. SmartLoadingView


  15. hat-view

    Library that allow to put "hat" on TextView. Inspired by Telegram appbar title with Santa Claus hat 🎅🏻

  16. Cockroach

    降低 Android 非必要 crash

  17. clue

    a extremely high performance log library for android. 高性能的Android日志库


  1. Pulse SMS

    The ultimate SMS app for Android, available across all of your devices

  2. WordPress for Android

    Android 版 WordPress 支持 和运行 WordPress 4.0 或更高版本的自托管 站点。

  3. RiotX Android

    an Android Matrix Client currently in beta but in active development.

  4. Kotlin-Pokedex

    🌀 A Pokedex app using ViewModel, LiveData, Room and Navigation


  1. kotlin-compiler-di

    Experiment on implementing Dagger code generation as a compiler plugin

  2. dependency-analysis-android-gradle-plugin

    Analyze dependency usage in an Android project, with a Gradle plugin

  3. Android Native Dependencies Resolver Gradle Plugin

    a gradle plugin for resolving native(.so) dependencies for android. Android解析.so依赖的gradle插件


  1. ApkCompare

    A tool to compare 2 version APKs to find out files change. 比较两个版本的APK以找出文件大小变化的工具

  2. Bob

    一款 Mac 端翻译软件,支持划词翻译和截图翻译,当然,手动输入进行翻译也是可以的。

  3. ghq

    Remote repository management made easy

  4. Obfuscator

    A java obfuscator (GUI)


  1. 活动报名 | 1/11 Android Meetup: 带你了解 Android Studio 设计工具

    本次活动嘉宾是 John Hoford ,一位具有超过 30 年开发经验的 Google 资深工程师,在 Google I/O 大会、Android Dev Summit 等很多活动上做过很多分享。活动面向 Android 开发者,主要向大家介绍和交流 Android Studio 中的 UI 设计工具,特别是他负责的 MotionEditor 与 MotionLayout 这块。

    • 时间:1 月 11 日(周六),下午 1:30 - 4:30 。
    • 地点:北京市海淀区中关村大街11号E世界财富中心A座地下二层 联合创业办公社。
    • 门票:免费,报名即可参加。


  1. AndroidPrincipleAnimation

    Demonstrate all the principle on Android in the form of animation. 用动画的形式呈现Android机制原理

  2. Gitmoji

    an initiative to standardize and explain the use of emojis on GitHub commit messages.


  1. 百年包豪斯 (Bauhaus) 对当今 UX 设计的启发与影响

  2. TypeBites #07 中文意大利体的可能性探索


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