Android 开发技术周报 Issue#297

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#297

November 02, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 谷歌新的Play Store实验功能可对同类应用进行正面比较

  2. Android 11出Bug:顶栏遮挡游戏界面 不能全屏显示


  1. Android 样式系统 | 主题背景覆盖

  2. Android Studio 4.1 的 Dagger 导航更新

  3. 使用 Dagger 自定义 WorkManager

  4. 深入详解 Jetpack Compose | 实现原理

  5. 深入详解 Jetpack Compose | 优化 UI 构建

  6. 打造 Material 颜色主题 | 设计篇


  1. lu

    又一款virtual Dom Android渲染引擎

  2. KtRssReader

    a Kotlin library for parsing RSS feed on Android.

  3. BlurHashExt

    Kotlin extensions of BlurHash for ImageView, Glide, Coil, Piccasso, and fast loading BlurHashDrawable optimized for Android.

  4. DependencyProperty

    DependencyProperty is a dependency resolution library by Delegated Property.

  5. WhatTheStack

    See a pretty error screen when your Android app crashes

  6. MLang

    Android 动态化多语言框架,支持语言包的动态下发、升级、删除,一处安装,到处使用

  7. red-screen-of-death

    A simple screen that is shown when your app gets crashed instead of the normal crash dialog.

  8. EitherNet

    A pluggable sealed API result type for modeling Retrofit responses.

  9. YCShopDetailLayout


  10. evademe

    A asynchronous heuristics evasion library for Android with a KTX scoping function.

  11. YCVideoPlayer


  12. XTabLayout

    Added support to modify text size and indicator width based on the original TabLayout.

  13. Bundler

    🎁 Android Intent & Bundle extensions that insert and retrieve values elegantly.

  14. CommentDialog



  1. Animation-Tutorials

    🍭🚀💗 Tutorials about animations with Animators, Animated Vector Drawables, Shared Transitions, and more


  1. flipclock-android

    The Android wrapper of FlipClock.

  2. calendula

    An Android assistant for personal medication management


  1. AndroidDaemonKiller

    This repository contains a simple script that lets you kill gradle and kotlin daemons.

  2. FakerAndroid

    A tool translate a apk file to stantard android project include so hook api and il2cpp c++ scaffolding when apk is a unity il2cpp game.直接将Apk文件转换为可以进行二次开发的Android项目的工具,支持so hook,对于il2cpp的游戏apk直接生成il2cpp c++脚手架

  3. duf

    Disk Usage/Free Utility

  4. jnitrace

    A Frida based tool that traces usage of the JNI API in Android apps.


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