Android 开发技术周报 Issue#296

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#296

September 24, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 谷歌为Android 11打造了无处不在的3D AR雕像

  2. 谈谈 Android 11 不为人知的剧变

  3. 首个Android 11第三方ROM发布:Redmi K20 Pro可刷

  4. 谷歌Play商城开辟专区:介绍适合Chromebook的最佳Android游戏

  5. 适用于Android TV的Android 11版本发布:改进性能和隐私保护


  1. Jetpack Compose Alpha 版现已发布!

  2. Kotlin 1.4 来了!全新语言特性和更多改进

  3. 聚焦 Android 11: 游戏开发新工具

  4. Android端代码染色原理及技术实践

  5. 如何通过 Systrace 查看 GPU 渲染花费的时间?

  6. Kotlin 协程和 Android SQLite API 中的线程模型

  7. Android 音频可视化

  8. 聚焦 Android 11: 大功告成

  9. 隐私策略更新 | Android 11 应用兼容性适配

  10. Kotlin Vocabulary | Reified: 类型擦除后再生计划

  11. Android Studio 中 System Trace 的新增功能


  1. Labyrinth

    A multi back stack android navigation

  2. connection-checker

    Android library for checking the internet connectivity of a device.

  3. ExpandableTextView

    Read More TextView for Android

  4. DocumentFileX compatible SAF implementation

  5. RoundedProgressBar

    A customizable, animated progress bar that features rounded corners. This Android library is designed to look great and be simple to use 🎉

  6. ParseRSS

    A cup of library to Parse RSS for android. Also available as a ConverterFactory for Retrofit & Fuel

  7. retrosheet

    Turn Google Spreadsheet to JSON endpoint (for Android and JVM)

  8. BRouter

    一个 Kotlin 编写的面向模块 Android 路由库

  9. vap

    VAP是企鹅电竞开发,用于播放特效动画的实现方案。具有高压缩率、硬件解码等优点。同时支持 iOS,Android,Web 平台。

  10. Decompose

    Kotlin Multiplatform lifecycle-aware business logic components (aka BLoCs) with routing functionality and pluggable UI (Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI, JS React, etc.)

  11. OpenGLCamera2

    Android OpenGL Camera 2.0 实现 30 种滤镜和抖音特效

  12. android-sentinel

    a simple one screen UI which provides a standardised entry point for tools used in development and QA alongside device, application and permissions data.

  13. material-prefs

    ⚙ A beautiful and extensible API for bulding preferences screen

  14. Compose-Scrobbler

    a wip music tracking and browsing app. It uses the and spotify APIs to deliver data. The whole UI is created using Jetpack compose.

  15. ExpandCollapseButton

    Android Jetpack Compose caret animation

  16. pocketdb

    This is SharedPreferences Helper like a database noSql. Support AES encryption

  17. ReadTime

    A Simple Android library to get the number of words and give you the time it will take you to finish an article/story.

  18. AVRtmpPushSDK

    这是一个由 kotlin 、C++ 编写的 RTMP 推流项目。整个项目完成了采集、 视音频处理、编码、数据发送前处理、数据发送的功能。

  19. ConcentricOnboarding

    Android Concentric Onboarding library

  20. oksse

    Server Sent Events (SSE) client multiplatform library made with Kotlin and backed by coroutines

  21. radiography

    Text-ray goggles for your Android views.

  22. cryptoguard

    An program analysis tool to find cryptographic misuse in Java and Android.

  23. KAlertDialog

    a beautiful and material alert dialog to use in your android app

  24. crylogger

    Detecting Crypto Misuses for Android and Java Apps Dynamically

  25. material-components-android-compose-theme-adapter

    A library that enables reuse of Material themes defined in XML for theming in Jetpack Compose.


  1. ComposeCookBook

    A Collection on all Jetpack compose UI elements, Layouts, Widgets and Demo screens to see it's potential

  2. DisneyCompose

    🧸 A demo Disney app using Jetpack Compose and Dagger-Hilt based on modern Android tech-stacks and MVVM architecture.

  3. JetInstagram

    an Instagram UI clone app built with Jetpack Compose.

  4. GmailCompose

    an Android application 📱 for showcasing Jetpack Compose for building declarative UI in Android.


  1. Ktlint

    Automatically runs ktlint on Kotlin files, and annotates any errors found.

  2. dependency-tree-diff

    An intelligent diff tool for the output of Gradle's dependencies task


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