Android 开发技术周报 Issue#276

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#276

April 13, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Android各版本占比数据公布:9.0份额最高 10不到10%

  2. 系统更新导致死机问题有解了 Android 11支持A/B无缝更新


  1. 了解一下,Android 10中的ART虚拟机(4)

  2. 干货 | 携程Android 10适配踩坑指南


  1. Animer

    一款致力于提升 Android 动画体验的 Java 库,你可以把 Animer 理解为基于 View 动画 、强化动画控制、交互性 的动画器,并提供了调试UI

  2. FridaAndroidInjector

    nject frida agents on local processes through an Android app

  3. Checkpoint

    An easy to use input validator

  4. OkHttpLib


  5. NotchTools


  6. JSBridge-Android

    A solution for fast interaction between js and native

  7. JIMU


  8. livedata-combinetuple-kt

    Helper function to combine LiveData into tuples.

  9. SharedPrefManager

    a Dev Debug tool that helps to manage your android Shared Preferences very effectively with ease

  10. SoLoader

    a native code loader for Android. It takes care of unpacking your native libraries and recursively loads dependencies on platforms that don't support that out of the box.

  11. MagicalExoPlayer

    The Easiest Way To Play/Stream Video And Audio Using Google ExoPlayer In Your Android Application

  12. CircularProgressBar

    an Android project allowing to realize a circular ProgressBar in the simplest way possible.

  13. InjKit

    a framework for bytecode manipulation based on ASM library.

  14. android-lints

    Custom set of android lints rules.

  15. NineGridView


  16. LCardView


  17. Quadrant

    A Gradle plugin for Android that makes navigation easy in multi-module projects.


  1. SkyTube

    An open-source YouTube app for Android.

  2. antimine-android

    a minesweeper puzzle game. The objective is: search for all hidden mines and clear the minefield without explode any of them.


  1. Doom-Compose

    An example of building the DOOM fire effect on Android using Jetpack Compose.

  2. compose-shared-element

    Experiment with SharedElement transition in Jetpack Compose, inspired by Flutter Hero widget.

  3. android-media-controller

    Create a simple MediaController that connects to a MediaBrowserService in order to test inter-app media controls. This tool is described in the Android documentation: Using the media controller test app.

  4. SlideNestedPanelLayout


  5. GuideToCustomViews

    The ultimate guide to Android custom views


  1. aind

    AinD launches Android apps in Docker, by nesting Anbox containers inside Docker.


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