Android 开发技术周报 Issue#275

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#275

April 07, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 谷歌放出玩家大福利:Android精品游戏全免费 畅玩30天

  2. [图]谷歌Play商城测试新界面 移除“已安装”和“库”两个子标签页

  3. LineageOS 17.1发布:基于Android 10定制 自带主题引擎


  1. Kotlin Vocabulary | 密封类 sealed class

  2. Android Jetpack CameraX 库 Beta 版正式发布!

  3. App 黑白化实现探索,有一行代码实现的方案吗?

  4. App 黑白化实现探索2, 发现了一种更方便的方案,我被锤了!


  1. BlurTutorial

    Library for creating blur effects under Android UI elements

  2. PlayWidget

    Break the monotony and make your music player unique!

  3. LinkageScrollLayout

    A container which supports any two view scrolling in it

  4. ExoPlayer-Wrapper

    📺 Android library, ExoPlayer wrapper

  5. KeepAlive

    Fighting against force-stop kill process on Android with binder ioctl / Android高级保活

  6. restring

    An easy way to replace bundled Strings dynamically, or provide new translations for Android.

  7. AppLocale

    a android library to update the app language dynamically.

  8. KeyboardStateEvents

    LiveData notification when keyboard opens or closes, plus some handy extension functions

  9. AppIconLoader

    封装了 AOSP Launcher3 iconloaderlib 的应用图标加载库,支持与 Glide 和 Coil 轻松集成,可为自适应图标(adaptive icon) 添加应有的阴影,以及可选地将非自适应图标缩小为自适应图标样式。

  10. Flip-Digit

    Flip digit Library that makes a cool and flexible animation flip when changing from one numbers to another

  11. fast-builder

    a code generation tool that generates the builder classes, especially for the unit test class.

  12. chip-navigation-bar

    A navigation bar widget inspired on Google Bottom Navigation mixed with Chips component.

  13. PowerPermission

    PowerPermission makes handling runtime permissions extremely easy.


  1. android-gradle-aspectj

    gradle plug-in adding supports of AspectJ into Android project


  1. WindowInsetsAnimation

    This sample shows how to react to the on-screen keyboard (IME) changing visibility, and also controlling the IME's visibility. To do this, the sample uses the new WindowInsetsAnimation and WindowInsetsAnimationController APIs in Android R.

  2. Learn-Jetpack-Compose-By-Example

    This project contains various examples that show how you would do things the Compose way


  1. covid-19

    App for help people to get know if they were in touch with infected person

  2. DailyBugle

    Modern MVVM Android application which fetches news from 🕷️

  3. ridesharing-uber-lyft-app

    Learn to build a ride-sharing Android Taxi Clone App like Uber, Lyft - Open-Source Project By MindOrks


  1. terminus

    A terminal for a more modern age

  2. FloorPlan

    Translate Room schemas to Database Markup Language (DBML).

  3. android-github-actions-emulator

    A GitHub Action for running Android UI tests on Android emulator.


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