Android 开发技术周报 Issue#270

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#270

March 02, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Play Store应用更新:换主题不需要再到系统设置了

  2. 新证据表明谷歌Fuchsia系统已进入“狗粮”阶段 即将邀请用户测试

  3. 谷歌I/O 2020 开发者大会如期举行 MWC、F8开发者大会相继取消

  4. 谷歌Pixel 4a定于4月量产:越南制造、5月I/O大会期间发布

  5. Android-x86 9.0-r1 发布 PC上的安卓系统

  6. 豌豆荚PC版关闭 我的搞机时代也结束了

  7. Fuchsia 编程语言策略:前端用 Dart,Go 要退出


  1. Android 10 适配攻略

  2. Say no to BaseActivity and BaseFragment

  3. 抖音BoostMultiDex优化实践:Android低版本上APP首次启动时间减少80%(一)

  4. [译]Android Studio 3.6 新特性概览


  1. android-remote-debugger

    A library for remote logging, database debugging, shared preferences and network requests

  2. DslTabLayout

    ♥️ Android界最万能的TabLayout(不仅仅是TabLayout)

  3. ByRecyclerView

    RecyclerView 下拉刷新、加载更多、item点击/长按、头布局/尾布局/状态布局、万能分割线、粘性Header、极简adapter(RV/ListView)等

  4. SmoothRefreshLayout


  5. appbarlayout-spring-behavior

    One Behavior help AppBarLayout to scroll spring

  6. SlideBack

    一个可以让你页面支持 滑动返回 的小东西

  7. TransformationLayout

    🌠 Transform into a different view or activity using morphing animations.

  8. unearthed

    A library for Android that notifies you when your app was restored after a process death.

  9. RuntimePermission

    Simpliest way to ask runtime permissions on Android, no need to extend class or override permissionResult method, choose your way : Kotlin / Coroutines / RxJava / Java7 / Java8

  10. QR-Code-generator

    High-quality QR Code generator library in Java, TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, C++, C, Rust.


  1. ReadResolveCheck

    A lint check for Kotlin Serializable objects which lack a readResolve() method

  2. FRIDA-DEXDump

    A simple script to search & dump dex file on memory.

  3. proguard-dictionary-generator

    Android 混淆字典生成器

  4. FrenziedProguard



  1. wormhole

    A time-traveling bytecode rewriter which adds future APIs to android.jar which can be desugared to all API levels by D8 and R8.

  2. gradle-docker

    a Gradle plugin for orchestrating docker builds and pushes.

  3. fat-aar-plugin

    A gradle plugin that helps to output fat aar from android library


  1. haven

    Haven is for people who need a way to protect their personal spaces and possessions without compromising their own privacy, through an Android app and on-device sensors


  1. DraftXR

    Design in 2D like you always do. Test instantly in WebVR & share with developers & stakeholders.

  2. LottieFiles for Adobe After Effects

    Preview your Lottie animations instantly across web and mobile devices right within After Effects.


  1. 5 课时让你掌握 Lottie 动画


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