Android 开发技术周报 Issue#269

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#269

February 24, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 谷歌宣布将于下月停用 Sketch 插件 Material Theme Editor

  2. [动图]Android 11新增Columbus手势:背面双击可启动相机等应用

  3. Google将限制Android应用在后台访问地理位置数据

  4. XDA大神挖出Android 11新变化:电源菜单要大改

  5. 谷歌开放I/O 2020开发者大会注册

  6. Android 新增量文件系统 让你下载未完成前玩游戏

  7. Android 11通知栏隐藏改动曝光:快捷开关可以换装彩色图标

  8. Android 11可快速查看蓝牙耳机所能支持的编码格式

  9. [图]Android 11终于带来原生长截图和录屏功能

  10. 更上一层楼: Android 11 首个开发者预览版到来

  11. [图]这不是微软移动系统:达人在Android上打造Windows 10主题

  12. Android开源项目已曝光Pixel 5的注释名称


  1. Android 开发者峰会 2019 中有哪些不容错过的重点?


  1. Android 开发者峰会 2019 常见问题解答

  2. 理解循环网络及其在移动端的趣味应用:AI诗人

  3. 动态下发 so 库在 Android APK 安装包瘦身方面的应用


  1. AndroidSnooper

    Android library to record the network calls through the interceptor mechanism of the http clients.

  2. MapScaleView

    Scale bar for Android Maps (Google Maps, OSM, MapBox, Yandex)

  3. Set Of Useful Kotlin Extensions and Helpers

    Kotlin Extensions and Helpers for smoother Android development

  4. assure

    A Kotlin library that makes biometric authentication quick and easy.

  5. BubblePopupWindow

    Android 实现各个方向的气泡弹窗,可控制气泡尖角偏移量。

  6. AestheticDialogs

    📱Android Library to implement custom, 😍beautiful, 🎨stylish Dialog in android apps easily.

  7. Lint-Rules

    A set of very opinionated lint rules.

  8. SimpleBarcodeScanner

    Barcode Scanner Library by Google Mobile Vision Api with RxJava

  9. LiveStream-kt

    LiveStream is a simple class which makes communication easy among different modules of your application.

  10. Motion

    Material motion is a set of transition patterns that help users understand and navigate an app.

  11. SSCustomEditTextOutLineBorder

    Same as an Outlined text fields presented in Material Design page but with some dynamic changes


  1. DisneyMotions

    🦁 A Disney app using transformation motions based on MVVM (ViewModel, Coroutines, LiveData, Room, Repository, Koin) architecture.


  1. webrtc_android

    webrtc VideoCall VideoConference 视频通话 视频会议


  1. Gradle Doctor

    The right prescription for your Gradle build.


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