Android 开发技术周报 Issue#212

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#212

January 14, 2019 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Google Play现在可以告诉你手机还有多少空间

  2. 开发自定义ROM提速:红米Note 6 Pro等Android Pie内核源代码上线

  3. 谷歌Play商城移除85款恶意App 其中一款下载量超500万次

  4. 国内Android统一推送标准将于3月开启测试

  5. 谷歌公共DNS正式支持DoH加密 更安全并且不影响速度


  1. Android ART dex2oat 加载加速浅析

  2. 微店的 Flutter 混合开发组件化与工程化架构实践

  3. 动效歌词之全新实践

  4. Flutter -你还在滥用 StatefulWidget 吗

  5. 如何简单快速搭建 Android 大仓

  6. 史上最全 App 瘦身实践

  7. Matrix TraceCanary -- 初恋·卡顿

  8. 从 Git 设计原理到业务系统设计与开发

开源库 & App

  1. NestedTouchScrollingLayout

    🎱处理子 View,父 View 嵌套滚动,成本比 support v4 NestedScrolling 低,放心食用~

  2. Flutter Go

    flutter 开发者帮助 APP,包含 flutter 常用 130+ 组件的中文文档与 demo 演示

  3. nachos

    Material Chips for Android

  4. DroidKaigi 2019 official Android app

    The Official Conference App for DroidKaigi 2019 Tokyo

  5. Lin

    Lin is an Android Lint tool made simple

  6. Kissme

    an open-source library providing encrypted key-value storage.

  7. Flutter Starter Kit

    A starter kit for beginner learns with Bloc pattern, RxDart, sqflite, Fluro and Dio to architect a flutter project.

  8. flutter-fimber

    Fimber is Flutter logger inspired by Timber (logger API for Android)

  9. Dynamic Utils

    A collection of static methods to perform various operations including color, device, drawable, package, tasks and sdk on Android 9+ (Gingerbread or above) devices.

  10. dynamic-motion

    A library to provide additional functionality for Android MotionLayout.

  11. Dynamic Support

    A complete library to build Android apps with a built-in theme engine.

  12. Dynamic Toasts

    A simple library to display themed toasts with icon and text on Android 9+ (Gingerbread or above) devices.

  13. LiveData Testing

    TestObserver to easily test LiveData and make assertions on them.

  14. Binary Preferences

    Rapidly fast and lightweight re-implementation of SharedPreferences which stores each preference in files separately, performs disk operations via NIO with memory mapped byte buffers and works IPC (between processes).

  15. VValidator

    [BETA] An easy to use form validator for Kotlin & Android.


  1. cloc



    an open source webpage that allows you to share and search content on the distributed web.

  3. hexyl

    A command-line hex viewer

  4. juicesync

    A tool to move your data between any clouds or regions.

  5. ChinaMobilePhoneNumberRegex



  1. Earth



  1. 100 Days Of ML Code 中文版

  2. 专为程序员编写的英语学习指南

  3. JavaGuide


  4. CSS Inspiration -- CSS灵感

    让你寻找到使用或者是学习 CSS 的灵感,以分类的形式,展示不同 CSS 属性或者不同的课题使用 CSS 来解决的各种方法。


  1. 字体搜索引擎

  2. Launcher Icon Previewer

  3. UIGradients


  4. Annotations Sketch Plugin

    Sketch plugin for hiding/showing all layer groups named 'Annotations'.


  1. 纪念Aaron Swartz:互联网的上限和底线

  2. 他们问,为什么你跪着打开这些图纸?

  3. 新化复印产业的生命史

  4. 扩展收入的27天行动计划:教你怎么躺着做一个副业家

  5. 从产品到公司的进化

  6. 揭秘OKR:让谷歌、亚马逊实现爆炸性增长的工作法


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