Android 开发技术周报 Issue#211

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#211

January 08, 2019 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 夜猫子福音 Android Q 有望推出全局黑暗模式

  2. GitHub 宣布对免费用户开放创建私有库项目功能

  3. 国外开发者列出各品牌安卓手机杀后台程序排名:诺基亚最狠

  4. Android Messages正式开始推出“垃圾信息保护”功能

  5. 谷歌Fuchsia OS代码曝光 证实支持Android运行时

  6. 中国应用席卷印度:前100大Android应用占44款

  7. 消息称谷歌将于今年三季度向中国手机厂商收取Android费用

  8. 哪家厂商跟进Android新版本最积极?AOSMark告诉你


  1. Flutter 与 Material Design 双剑合璧,助您构建精美应用

  2. Flutter混合开发组件化与工程化架构

  3. 基于 React Native 的跨三端应用架构实践

开源库 & App

  1. google-java-format

    a program that reformats Java source code to comply with Google Java Style.

  2. NoBullshit

    A sample project entirely written in Kotlin. Backend/Frontend with Ktor and Android app.

  3. MultiTouchGestureDetector

    The MultiTouchGestureDetector Detects scaling, rotating and moving transformation gestures, Whether you want ScaleGestureDetector, RotateGestureDetector, or MoveGestureDetector, this is always the best choice.

  4. Broccoli

    An Android library that shows the placeholder of the view.

  5. EasyPermission


  6. SlideBack

    无需继承的Activity侧滑返回库 类全面屏返回手势效果 仿“即刻”侧滑返回

  7. Korlibs

    a set of Kotlin Common modern libraries to do full stack development aiming Kotlin 1.2.

  8. CoroutineAutoDispose

    Coroutine AutoDispose is an Kotlin Coroutine library for automatically disposal.

  9. KMinRandom

    a library that generates minimal instances of Kotlin data classes for use in tests.

  10. Eiffel

    Kotlin Android architecture library for view state handling with Jetpack Architecture Components.

  11. TextHighlighter

    TextHighlighter for android. Highlights your TextView easily.

  12. syndication

    A Kotlin library for reading RSS 2.0 and ATOM 1.0 syndication feeds.

  13. kompile-testing

    Testing tools for kotlinc and kapt

  14. Android Jetpack Playground

    Video player pet project with cutting edge AndroidX development; MotionLayout, Jetpack testing (isolated fragment unit tests that runs on device and JVM with same source code), MVVM with LiveData and ViewModels, Navigation architecture component and more.


  1. ApiInspect



  1. litecli

    CLI for SQLite Databases with auto-completion and syntax highlighting

  2. Motrix

    一款全能的下载工具,支持下载 HTTP、FTP、BT、磁力链、百度网盘等资源。

  3. rrweb

    利用现代浏览器所提供的强大 API 录制并回放任意 web 界面中的用户操作。

  4. Flutter Studio
    Flutter UI 界面可视化生成工具

  5. FishShell

    a smart and user-friendly command line
    shell for Linux, macOS, and the rest of the family.

  6. Youtube Uploader

    Scripted uploads to Youtube


  1. 简明、轻松、易懂的算法教学视频


  1. UI设计成长笔记 No.14

  2. 彻底毁掉的文化—中国式统一招牌!设计师哭了: 都统一了咱还设计啥?



    Take clean screenshot of any websites


    an exploration of geometry, video, and machine learning. By using ML techniques, the tool generates shapes to fit the lines and colors of your image.

  3. VectorLogo

    3,000+ gorgeous SVG logos, perfect for your README or credits page

  4. SymbolNameAutocomplete

    This Sketch plugin gives you autocompletion of symbol names when creating a symbol


  1. PBS纪录片:透视美国之先进农业(一)


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