Android 开发技术周报 Issue#207

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#207

December 11, 2018 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Pixel 3 Lite/XL 360度渲染图曝光:无刘海全面屏

  2. Android模拟器增加对Fuchsia新操作系统内核Zircon的支持

  3. 谷歌调高API最低开发级别:Android 4.0系统宣告退役

  4. Project Treble 项目的最新动态

  5. Flutter 1.0 正式版: Google 的便携 UI 工具包


  1. Flutter跨平台Hybrid实践

  2. 适配可折叠设备,您的应用准备好了吗?

  3. Flutter学习指南:封装 API 插件

  4. 从小白到上手 ARCore,这一篇技术贴请收好

  5. Flutter动态化的方案对比及最佳实现

  6. 重新认识 React Native 和 Android 的通信原理

开源库 & App

  1. Cyanea

    A theme engine for Android

  2. YCStateLayout

    状态切换,让 View 状态的切换和 Activity 彻底分离开。

  3. OverlapImageGalleryView

    OverlapImageGalleyView with different animations. Sample for android mobile application.

  4. ShimmerRecyclerView

    🌀 ShimmerRecyclerView for AndroidX

  5. Barista

    ☕️ The guy who serves a great Espresso

  6. Rialto

    an Android text styling library based upon Annotation Spans.

  7. kotlin-targetFun

    Kotlin library for Android providing useful extensions to simplify interface callback in Android SDK.


  1. Lorca

    Build cross-platform modern desktop apps in Go + HTML5

  2. 9款AI测试工具


  1. 超全面!高手总结的18条交互设计原则(一)

  2. 超全面!高手总结的18条交互设计原则(二)


  1. Renamer

    Sketch Plugin to rename multiple selected layers or groups or artboards at once

  2. SketchExportTo

    Export Artboards in sketch to markdown or json

  3. Felipe

    Turn Wireframes to UI,Speed up your Sketch workflow by visually turning basic layers into symbols. Works with any design system.


  1. 为什么中国没有Apache基金会这样的组织?

  2. YC案例:他用十年参悟化繁为简,如今年利润1亿美金


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