Android 开发技术周报 Issue#206

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#206

December 04, 2018 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Reddit网友展示Android来电屏显功能 推广与否仍存争议

  2. Google 将于年底关闭 Android 附近通知功能

  3. Android Auto功能更新:改善媒体播放与消息体验

  4. 谷歌翻译再次改版:功能改进 网站更具响应性

  5. 谷歌将Fuchsia设备带到官方蓝牙测试活动UnPlugFest当中进行测试

  6. 简述 Fuchsia 操作系统的四层结构设计


  1. Matrix-ApkChecker — Apk 分析减包利器

  2. Android图像处理系列:OpenGL深度测试的应用

  3. Android 系统打印方案分析

  4. 浅析 React Native 和 Android 原生控件之间的映射关系

  5. Android Jetpack组件在铭师堂团队的实践

开源库 & App

  1. ArgusAPM


  2. Filter Drawer

    Android plug-and-play filter that slides

  3. medusa

    Android fragment stack controller

  4. PathLayoutManager

    RecyclerView 的 LayoutManager,轻松实现各种炫酷、特殊效果,再也不怕产品经理为难!

  5. log4k

    This is a simple library for logging in Kotlin. It's inspired by the famous Apache Log4j library.

  6. AndroidFilePicker


  7. SlideActionView

    An Android view which provides a nice slide-to-left/right interaction.

  8. RealRichText

    A Tricky Solution for Implementing Inline-Image-In-Text Feature in Flutter.

  9. PhotoAffix

    Stitch your photos together vertically or horizontally easily!


  1. Aminal

    a modern terminal emulator for Mac/Linux implemented in Golang and utilising OpenGL.

  2. nnn

    🐬 The fastest terminal file manager ever written.

  3. Source Player

    A video player designed for English learner.

  4. dive

    A tool for exploring a docker image, layer contents, and discovering ways to shrink your Docker image size.


  1. GoBoy

    Multi-platform Nintendo Game Boy Color emulator written in Go


  1. Learn Git Branching

    “Learning Git Branching” 可以说是目前为止最好的教程了,在沙盒里你能执行相应的命令,还能看到每个命令的执行情况; 通过一系列刺激的关卡挑战,逐步深入的学习 Git 的强大功能,在这个过程中你可能还会发现一些有意思的事情。

  2. Android Guidelines

    Architecture and code guidelines at Trendyol when developing for Android.


  1. 免费的 Kindle 电子书资源

  2. 徐小平:中国创业“黄金十年”确已结束,“白金十年”正扑面而来!


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