Android开发技术周报 Issue#12

Android开发技术周报 Issue#12

January 03, 2015 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Dalvik虚拟机垃圾收集(GC)过程分析

  2. 使用Android Studio查看Android Lollipop源码

  3. Facebook工程师是如何改进他们Android客户端的

  4. 你的Android应用完全不需要那么多的权限

  5. 关于 Android Dex 方法限制的一些总结

  6. Part 1: 应用组件攻防

  7. Part 2: Content Provider攻防

  8. Part 3:Broadcast Receivers攻防

  9. Part 4:非预期的信息泄露(边信道信息泄露)

  10. Part 5:使用JDB调试Java应用

  11. Part 6:调试Android应用

  12. Part 7:攻击WebView

  13. Part 8:Root的检测和绕过

  14. Part9: 不安全的本地存储:Shared Preferences

  15. Part 10:不安全的本地存储


  1. Go on Android

    The Go mobile repository holds packages and build tools for using Go on Android.

  2. AccountAutoCompleteEditText

    Just a simple implementation for use of auto complete text view with device account suggestion.

  3. SelectableRoundedImageView

    Android ImageView that supports different radiuses on each corner.

  4. ObjectLayout

    Java classes designed with optimizable object layout in mind

  5. MvpCleanArchitecture

    A sample project using Clean architecture and MVP in Android。

  6. ViewStateSaveDemo

    Simple Demo of how do you save View's state in Android。

  7. LandscapeVideoCamera

    Powerful custom Android Camera with granular control over the video quality and filesize, restricting recordings to landscape only.

  8. transitions-everywhere

    Backport of Transitions API from Android KitKat and Lollipop. Compatible with Android 2.2+。

  9. android-proguard-snippets

    Example Proguard configurations for common Android libraries。


  1. Android DevBytes


  1. Material Design Color Palette Generator - Material Palette

    一个可以快速搭配Material Design主题颜色的并且提供下载的在线网站.

  2. material-design-color-palette-sketch-plugin

    Sketch app plugin for displaying Google material design color palette.


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