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August 02, 2016 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Android Nougat有望本月到来:支持手动曝光调节


  1. 一步一步实现Android的MVP框架

  2. Android—项目重构相关

  3. 从零开始的Android新项目9 - 前端用后台接口设计

  4. 谷歌教您使用动态链接的正确姿势

  5. 用了超级补丁包技术,再也不用担心上线后不能修Bug了

  6. Dialog、Toast、Snackbar,你真的了解它们吗?

  7. 面向NDK开发者的Android变更

  8. Data Binding Component详解 - 换肤什么的只是它的一个小应用!


  1. nougat-boot-animation

    Android 7.0 开机动画

  2. Luban


  3. crystal-preloaders

    A stylish android preloaders

  4. SlidingDrawer

    Android custom View implementing the bottom sheet pattern

  5. crystal-range-seekbar

    An extended version of seekbar and range seekbar with basic and advanced customization

  6. ShrinkingImageLayout

    Android layout with an header image sensible to scroll and touch events

  7. PicassoFaceDetectionTransformation

    An Android image transformation library providing cropping above Face Detection (Face Centering) for Picasso

  8. Android-3DTouch-PeekView

    Simple and powerful library to emulate iOS's "3D Touch" preview functionality on Android

  9. android-rxgeofence

    Rx wrapped GeoFence library

  10. ReactiveCache

    A reactive cache for Android and Java which honors the Observable chain

  11. Parallax-Layer-Layout

    Layered parallax effect to any views

  12. circular-music-progressbar

    Beautiful Circular Progress Bar with album art for android

  13. Interpolators

    Visualization of Android Animation Interpolators

  14. MaterialAudiobookPlayer

    Audiobook Player for Android

  15. Emojix

    One line of code to implement emoji to your whole android application.

  16. Scripto

    Java and JavaScript interaction library

  17. Flowing-Gradient

    Android Library to make a flowing gradient effect, similar to that used in Instagram Android login screen

  18. DecentBanner


  19. LikeSinaSportProgress


  20. AutoInstaller


  21. ScratchoffView

    A Scratchoff View system

  22. RxMarkdown

    一个运用 RxJava API 在 TextView 或 EditText 中编辑和(实时)预览基本 markdown 语法的 Android 库

  23. ferro

    Simple and powerful MVP library for Android


  1. React Native Training (中文)


  1. gradle-release

    gradle-release is a plugin for providing a Maven-like release process for projects using Gradle

  2. DexKnifePlugin


  3. Android-Easy-MultiDex


  4. Multi-OS Engine

    Create Android* and iOS* apps using Java Coding


  1. free-programming-books

    Freely available programming books


  1. [译]看Airbnb如何与用户建立信任关系

  2. 后扁平化时代」的 i18n 和 L10n


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