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July 18, 2016 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 从零开始的Android新项目8 - Data Binding高级篇

  2. 深入理解 ButterKnife,让你的程序学会写代码

  3. 浅谈Android自定义锁屏页的发车姿势

  4. Android中的事件分发和处理

  5. Android插件化原理解析—ContentProvider的插件化

  6. 动起来!动起来!- Android Transitions 转场动画

  7. 拆轮子系列:拆 OkHttp

  8. 不要再给MVP中Prensenter写接口了

  9. 为什么Android开发者应该使用FlatBuffers替代JSON?

  10. 自定义Switch过程详解


  1. Maoni

    Maoni is a lightweight library for integrating a way to collect in-app user feedbacks from within Android applications.

  2. SnappySmoothScroller

    An Android library that enables snappy smooth scrolling in RecyclerView.

  3. Mockery

    Android and Java library for mocking and testing networking layers with built-in support for Retrofit.

  4. wrapping-viewpager

    ViewPager with dynamic height support and smooth animations

  5. RelativePopupWindow

    Android PopupWindow that can be easily located relative to anchor View.

  6. FloatingText


  7. FogView_Library

    FogView is a android library that can show fog on any layout and the fog removes when user rubs it.

  8. DiscreteSlider

    A slider that allows a user to select a value at one of the specified tickmarks

  9. Hermes


  10. HermesEventBus (By 进击的小羊)


  11. WheelPicker

    Simple and fantastic wheel view in realistic effect for android.

  12. AndroidTVLauncher

    This is a better android-tv-launcher,it can running on the tv box.Build with gradle.

  13. SeismicInterceptor

    A lightweight OkHttp interceptor

  14. rx-android-permissions

    Simple RxJava library for requesting and observing Android runtime permissions

  15. Fabuless

    Fun to use Floating Action Button (FAB) for Android

  16. ElemeShoppingView



  1. BorePlugin

    Android Studio 自动生成布局代码插件


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