Android 开发技术周报 Issue#285

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#285

June 22, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Android 11共享列表已集成类似AirDrop的功能

  2. 谷歌为Android开发者提供新选项 免安装即可出售订阅服务

  3. Play商城新增“试用并安装”按钮 更直观显示应用的订阅信息

  4. 类似Airdrop的Android附近分享功能将可跨PC平台使用


  1. 安居客 Android APP 走向平台化

  2. Kotlin Vocabulary | 内联函数的原理与应用

  3. Fragment 的过去、现在和将来


  1. BounceScrollView

    An Android costomized ScrollView which likes UIScrollView over-scrolling effect in iOS.

  2. hephaestus

    A Kotlin compiler plugin to make dependency injection with Dagger 2 easier.

  3. XEditText

    XEditText: clear contents easily; show/hide password; separeta contents automatically, such as credit card number; disable Emoji inputs; 带删除功能的EditText;显示或者隐藏密码;可设置自动添加分隔符分割电话号码、银行卡号等;支持禁止Emoji表情符号输入。

  4. mirai

    全开源 高效率 QQ机器人/Android QQ协议支持库 for JVM / Android

  5. looping-layout

    A looping LayoutManager for the Android RecyclerView.

  6. Loco-MotionLayout

    Demo app for the talk Do the Loco-MotionLayout presented at droidcon Italy, droidcon Boston, 360AnDev & droidcon London 2019 along with examples using MotionLayout

  7. charts

    This is an exploratory playground library to figure out how to Draw and animate using Android Jetpack Compose library.

  8. Encryption

    Encryption is a simple way to encrypt and decrypt strings on Android and Java project.

  9. uplift

    A playground for elevation on Android

  10. pixel

    A lightweight image loader for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines.

  11. FastSharedPreferences


  12. RSS-Parser

    An Android library to parse a RSS Feed

  13. Crashy

    A tiny library to save your crash reports to the device's storage with lots of details of what went wrong.


  1. prefiller

    Prefiller is a Gradle plugin that generates pre-filled Room databases at compile time.

  2. gradle-changelog-plugin

    Plugin for parsing and managing the Changelog in a keep a changelog style.


  1. AndroidBubbleDemo

    A demo app for Bubble API introduced in Android 10.

  2. MotionLayoutTwitter

    Android MotionLayout: Creating the Twitter splash screen in the simplest way possible


  1. MoonShot

    A SpaceX companion app for Android

  2. galway-bus-android

    Android Galway Bus app using Kotlin Multiplatform shared code

  3. GitExplorer-Android

    a simple android application to search git command on one click.

  4. cwa-app-android

    Native Android app using the Apple/Google exposure notification API.


  1. intellij-rainbow-fart


  2. What's the equivalent of in Jetpack Compose?

    Here's a handy tool that lets you input a traditional Android view type, and it tells you what the equivalent Jetpack Compose component is.


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