Android 开发技术周报 Issue#281

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#281

May 25, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 谷歌应用已全面支持Android和iOS的黑暗模式

  2. 谷歌Pixel 5确认无缘旗舰处理器而改用骁龙765G


  1. 知识点 | ViewModel 四种集成方式

  2. 协程中的取消和异常 | 核心概念介绍

  3. 在 Android 上进行高刷新率渲染

  4. 或许是迄今为止第一篇讲解 fps 计算原理的文章吧

  5. Android 11 开发者常见问题 | FAQ・第一期


  1. kotlin-result

    A Result monad for modelling success or failure operations.

  2. Decorator

    an Android library that helps creating composable margins and dividers in RecyclerViews

  3. kohttp

    Developers Experience-driven http client for Kotlin and Android.

  4. ExcuseMe

    an Android library that provides an one-line implementation for android permissions made with Kotlin.

  5. yasea

    RTMP live streaming client for Android

  6. coil-composable

    Simple Coil library adaptation for Jetpack Compose

  7. RxImagePicker

    RxJava2 and RxJava3 external support. Android flexible picture selector, provides the support for theme of Zhihu and WeChat (灵活的Android图片选择器,提供了知乎和微信主题的支持).

  8. smartype

    Json Schema as code, autocomplete for your data model!

  9. Retromock

    Java library for mocking response in Retrofit Service

  10. MaterialFilePicker

    Material file picker library for Android

  11. FudiNFC

    NFC Reader And Writer using Android devices

  12. AndroidScreenAdaptation

    A light and easy-to-use Android development screen adaptation tool library(一个轻量好用的安卓开发屏幕适配工具库)

  13. XPush


  14. CreditCardView

    an Android library that allows developers to create the UI which replicates an actual Credit Card.

  15. SimplifySpan

    A easy-to-use and powerful Spannable library

  16. AppIconNameChanger

    Library to change Android launcher App Icon and App Name programmatically !

  17. RestrictionBypass

    Android API restriction bypass for all Android Versions

  18. MaterialDrawerKt

    A Kotlin DSL wrapper around the mikepenz/MaterialDrawer library.

  19. noDrawable


  20. ImageSelector



  1. static-analysis-plugin

    A Gradle plugin to easily apply the same setup of static analysis tools across different Android, Java or Kotlin projects.


  1. quran-android

    a quran reading application for android

  2. CandyBar

Android icon pack material dashboard


  1. ComposeAcademy-Playground

    a free resource that provides snippets and practical samples on how to use Jetpack Compose for the Android platform.

  2. Kotlin-Coroutines-Android-Examples

    Learn Kotlin Coroutines for Android by Examples. Learn how to use Kotlin Coroutines for Android App Development.


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