Android 开发技术周报 Issue#279

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#279

May 11, 2020 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 丧心病狂or形势所迫?谈谈Android奇葩的“链式启动”

  2. 传闻称Android TV将更名为Google TV

  3. 谷歌官宣Android 11 Beta发布会:6月3日见


  1. 协程 Flow 最佳实践 | 基于 Android 开发者峰会应用

  2. 用好 Require,check,assert,写好 Kotlin 代码

  3. Flutter 1.17 | 2020 首个稳定版发布!


  1. InsGallery

    Instagram-like image picker for Android (一款 UI 炫酷高仿 Instagram 的图片、视频选择器)

  2. M3U8Manger


  3. accompanist

    A collection of extension libraries for Jetpack Compose

  4. bundlizer

    Android Bundle format support for Kotlinx Serialization.

  5. ShowcaseView

    ShowcaseView library for Android

  6. mobile-ffmpeg

    FFmpeg for Android, iOS and tvOS

  7. WaveLineView


  8. BinderHook

    Library intended to hook Binder interface and manipulate events

  9. geckoview

    Android offers a built-in WebView, which applications can hook into in order to display web pages within the context of their app.

  10. ionalert

    A beautiful design Android Alert Dialog, alternative of Sweet Alert Dialog based on KAlertDialog using MaterialComponent

  11. CornerCutLinearLayout

    Linear Layout that allow corner (parent and children) cuts, complex shadow and divider.

  12. PermissionsFlow

    A simple library to make it easy requesting permissions in Android using Kotlin Coroutines.

  13. BlueFlow

    Android Bluetooth classic API wrapped in Coroutines Flow.

  14. PulseCountDownView

    Simple pulse countdown view which is based on TextView.

  15. Instant-Weather

    An Android weather application implemented using the MVVM pattern, Retrofit2, LiveData, ViewModel, Coroutines, Room, Navigation Components, Data Binding and some other libraries from the Android Jetpack.


  1. web-dev-tools-android

    Sample Android Application - MVVM, Clean Architecture, Modularization, Repository Pattern

  2. kotlin-coroutines

    Using Kotlin Coroutines in your Android app

  3. Jetpack-Compose-WhatsApp-Clone

    An example project to demonstrate how to build WhatsApp using Jetpack Compose.


  1. CleanArchitectureCoroutines

    Clean architecture example with mvvm and coroutines

  2. FirebaseCoroutinesLiveDataClean

    Clean Architecture with LiveData and Coroutines

  3. Makeup

    本项目是一个Android Project,用Canvas给人脸化妆(画妆)的APP演示项目


  1. SeeGit

    The Git Repository Visualizer

  2. GoogleLibraryVersionQuerier

    一款Android Studio插件,帮助你快速添加Google依赖库和查询历史版本


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