Android 开发技术周报 Issue#258

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#258

December 09, 2019 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Systrace 基础知识 - Binder 和锁竞争解读


  1. RxLowpoly

    A RxJava based library using native code to convert images to Lowpoly for Android

  2. Dora.js

    Android 上的内容型编程平台,学习 JavaScript 开发!

  3. locale-helper-android

    Change Language Programmatically in Android

  4. Kotlin-mvpro

    Kotlin databinding mvp rx

  5. AndroidRetroFile

    A backport of java.nio.file API (JSR 203) for Android.

  6. Injected ViewModel Provider

    Small lib to use easily use Android's ViewModels with a depedency injection framework like dagger

  7. JiaoZiVideoPlayer


  8. libsu

    Android library providing APIs to a Unix (root) shell

  9. FormValidator

    Powerful, simple and customizable EditText validator for Android.

  10. Store

    Android Library for Async Data Loading and Caching

  11. Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Template

    Ready to go template for multiplatform mobile Kotlin

  12. TinyPinyin


  13. FloatBall


  14. IndicatorSeekBar

    A custom SeekBar on Android, which can be changed the size ,color , thumb drawable , tick drawable , tick text and indicator , also , will show an indicator view with progress above SeekBar when seeking.


  1. faceCapture


  2. GoldMovies

    👑 The GoldMovies is based on Kotlin, MVVM architecture, coroutines, dagger, koin, and material designs & animations.

  3. MultiModuleExample

    Example of Android app structure with multiple modules


  1. OpenPods

    The Free and Open Source app for monitoring your AirPods on Android


  1. Size Analyzer

    a tool to help developers find tips on how to reduce the size of their Android application.

  2. CodeReview

    a Git GUI tool to perform code review (Diff Viewer) written in Python3 and Qt5.

  3. SQLiteStudio

    A free, open source, multi-platform SQLite database manager.

  4. mpv

    a free (as in freedom) media player for the command line. It supports a wide variety of media file formats, audio and video codecs, and subtitle types.

  5. Docker-Android

    a docker image built to be used for everything related to mobile website testing and Android project.


  1. 默认情况下 80%的Android应用正在使用加密流量

  2. Android 漏洞 StrandHogg 正被利用

  3. Google Play公布2019最佳作品:Ablo成最佳应用

  4. 谷歌发布 2019 年 12 月的 Android 安全补丁


  1. 使用定制 Lint 规则进行静态分析 | AndroidDevSummit 中文字幕视频

  2. CameraX 的最新进展 | AndroidDevSummit 中文字幕视频


  1. 中国第一空中楼阁,是如何建成的?


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