Android 开发技术周报 Issue#251

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#251

October 21, 2019 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Google Pixel 4 搭载的雷达芯片是噱头吗?

  2. Pixel 4修复了Android 10与第三方启动器不兼容的问题

  3. 谷歌Pixel 4系列确认原生支持双卡双待

  4. 谷歌推出Pixel 4系列手机:全系标配90Hz刷新率屏幕


  1. Android兼容Java 8语法特性的原理分析

  2. 【码上开学】Kotlin 协程的挂起【文章】

  3. 新的流畅体验,90Hz 漫谈

  4. 使用全新 Android 模拟器工具进行持续测试


  1. ADI

    通过 JVMTI 实现的 Android 应用开发调试的增强工具集,目前主要提供性能相关的监控能力。

  2. Android-Intent-Library

    A library which will save you a lot of time from writing the same intent creation code. it consist of many intent creation codes like Share, Contacts, Email and etc, which you can easily use.

  3. GridPagerSnapHelper

    A powerful tools to impl grid paging layout by RecyclerView,support horizontal and vertical page

  4. StatusBarUtil

    Android沉浸式状态栏,支持状态栏渐变色,纯色, 全屏,亮光、暗色模式,适配android 4.4 -10.0机型,支持刘海屏,滴水屏

  5. Simple Store

    Simple yet performant asynchronous file storage for Android

  6. Android-CleanArchitecture-Kotlin

    This is a movies sample app in Kotlin, which is part of a serie of blog posts I have written about architecting android application using different approaches.

  7. bytedance scene

    a lightweight Android library of navigation and page segmentation based on view.一个基于View的轻量级导航和页面切分组件库

  8. View404

    🍀 Easy way to implement 404 not found screens for android.

  9. alpha


  10. IdCardOCR

    极速识别中国二代身份证(无需联网,离线秒扫,极速识别)身份证所有信息, 包含 姓名、性别、出生年月、详细地址,正反面。

  11. ReactivePlayBilling

    An RxJava wrapper for the Google Play Billing Library

  12. Barber

    A type safe Kotlin JVM library for building up localized, fillable, themed documents using Mustache templating

  13. BottomDrawer

    Easy way to make Bottom Sheet with animation

  14. SelfAdjointView


  15. Multi-ColorPicker

    This is the most standard and powerful multi colorpicker library.

  16. RecyclerView Margin Decoration

    A library for add margin each item in RecyclerView.

  17. Fuse

    The simple generic LRU cache for Android, backed by both memory cache (LruCache) and disk-based cache (DiskLruCache) by Jake Wharton

  18. Eazy Runtime Permission

    Android library to handle runtime permission through Kotlin coroutines and Livedata.

  19. PersistentCookieJar

    A persistent CookieJar implementation for OkHttp 3 based on SharedPreferences.


  1. UberCarAnimation

    A demo app showing movement of car on map like in Uber.

  2. Android Performance

    Multiple samples showing the best practices in performance on Android.


  1. Lightning Browser

    A lightweight Android browser with modern navigation

  2. My-Wallet-V3-Android

    Next-generation HD (BIP32, BIP39, BIP44) bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash wallet.

  3. FileTransfer

    Transfer any files from PC to your phone easily.

  4. TheMovies

    🎬 A demo project for The Movie DB based on Kotlin MVVM architecture and material design & animations.



  1. QtScrcpy


  2. KeeWeb

    Free cross-platform password manager compatible with KeePass

  3. NetNewsWire

    a free and open source RSS reader for Mac

  4. Xnip


  5. TakeNote

    A web-based note-taking app with GitHub sync and Markdown support.

  6. Frida Android Helper

    Frida Android utilities,Currently the project only includes commands to start, stop, restart and most importantly update the latest frida-server on your Android device.

  7. Advanced REST Client

    Advanced REST Client - Desktop application

  8. Scrcpy GUI

    ✨ A simple & beautiful GUI application for scrcpy

  9. MacForge

    💻 📦 Application, plugin and theme discovery and manager for macOS

  10. App Privacy Policy Generator

    A simple web app to generate a generic privacy policy for your Android/iOS apps

  11. mxget

    一款用Go语言编写的命令行程序,是 music-get 的升级版,开发的初衷是为程序员提供更优雅的音乐下载体验。


  1. UI设计成长笔记 No.17


  1. Pexels Plugin

    The Pexels plugin for Sketch gives you access to authentic free stock photos

  2. Sketch Styler

    Styler assigns styles automatically to all of your unstyled layers.


  1. 「Shape Up」 适合中小团队的一种工作方式

  2. 与互联网相关的一些基金会和非营利性组织


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