Android 开发技术周报 Issue#245

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#245

September 09, 2019 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 谷歌Nexus系列谢幕:官方推特账号已隐藏所有内容

  2. ndroid 10源代码确认谷歌Pixel 4系列配备90Hz屏:下月发

  3. 谷歌:使用Google Play 的 Android 平板电脑已超过 1.75 亿台

  4. Android 10带来黑科技 检测手机USB接口是否有液体或者是否过热

  5. 更新Android 10后 一些Pixel用户遭遇传感器功能故障

  6. 教你解锁Android 10正式版隐藏彩蛋:像素风方块拼图游戏

  7. 谷歌将Android 10.0开源代码发送到AOSP

  8. Android 10新功能盘点:优化手势导航 为可折叠设备提供软件支持

  9. [图]仅限Pixel 3a系列:Android 10原生支持双卡双待功能


  1. NOW多插件架构设计演进之路


  1. SpinnerDatePicker

    A styleable DatePicker for Android using the old spinner style (NumberPickers)

  2. okbinder

    一个 AIDL 的替代方案。 OkBinder 非常轻量级,只有一个类,200+行代码。 使用 OkBinder 你可以更早的发现 IPC 中的错误。

  3. MpApt

    Kotlin Native/JS/JVM Annotation Processor library

  4. strikt

    An assertion library for Kotlin

  5. DefenseCrash

    Defense the java crash for Android applications.

  6. OkSocket

    An blocking socket client for Android applications.

  7. SuperButton

    一个支持通过 XML 属性设置各种效果(文字、颜色、渐变、边框、圆角和阴影)的按钮

  8. ProgressViews

    Fancy Progress View Tool with animation

  9. CircularLayoutManager

    Simple in usage Recycler Layout Manager with circular item positioning.

  10. coil-transformations

    Image transformations for Coil

  11. ChatVoicePlayer

    An Android library to make the implementation of voice/audio messages' playing easier

  12. eventex

    Android library to send/post data to Fragments, Layouts, Activity. No need to create interfaces and pass listeners to multiple classes. There is also no need to subscribe/unsubscribe for events!

  13. Instabug Android SDK

    In-app feedback and bug reporting tool for apps.

  14. WhatIf

    ☔ WhatIf is kotlin extensions for expressing a single if-else statement, nullable and boolean.

  15. Result

    The modelling for success/failure of operations in Kotlin

  16. SuperAdapter

    A Super simple library can be used for inserting elements in between RecyclerView's elements.

  17. xpref

    A SharedPreferences' wrapper that truly supported sharing data across multi-process

  18. tikxml

    Modern XML Parser for Android


  1. Fladle

    The Gradle Plugin for Firebase Test Lab and Flank

  2. Gradle Properties Plugin

    Gradle plugin to simplify loading project properties from external environment specific files


  1. StringFog


  2. AndroidInterpolator_AE

    A script for better Android Motion Design,inspired by "Ease and wizz" and "After Ease"

  3. DB Browser for SQLite

    Official home of the DB Browser for SQLite (DB4S) project. Previously known as "SQLite Database Browser" and "Database Browser for SQLite". Website at:


  1. mobile-web-best-practice
    移动端 web 最佳实践,基于 vue-cli3 搭建的 typescript 项目,可以用于 hybrid 应用或者纯 webapp 开发。以


  1. 设计元素12篇

  2. Google 的 UX 工程师都有哪些技能?


  1. Import Colors

    Import colors from macOS CLR, Photoshop ACO, Illustrator ASE, GIMP GPL, Sketch file to Sketch.


  1. 手机渐变色工艺的设计和制作难度大吗?

  2. 字体侠客梦——方正侠客体之前世今生


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