Android 开发技术周报 Issue#236

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#236

July 08, 2019 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 告别单摄 谷歌相机代码泄天机:Pixel 4将配备长焦镜头

  2. [图]Google Camera 6.3曝光:Night Sight替代全景移至主界面

  3. Android Q改进手势 从屏幕两侧向内滑动即可后退

  4. [图]2019年7月Android安全补丁发布:共计修复33处安全漏洞

  5. Android Q系统首次实现完美ROOT:超神工具Magisk立功


  1. Flutter 开发体验初探

  2. 编写第一个 Flutter 应用(第一篇)

  3. 编写第一个 Flutter 应用(第二篇)


  1. KDB

    Kotlin Databind library

  2. RVcompose

    Extensible Kotlin DSL for building dynamic reusable UI components with RecyclerView

  3. CurvedBottomSheet

    Curved-Waved-Animated BottomSheet 😎 It uses Cubic Bezier Curves. This project can be a good start to drawing whatever you want!

  4. FlowingPager

    A Flexible Side Sliding View Controlled by a Button

  5. fastutil

    fastutil extends the Java™ Collections Framework by providing type-specific maps, sets, lists and queues.

  6. dexterous

    Library and standalone CLI tool for apk/dex merging, repackaging and signing. Can also get used as a dex analyzer framework.

  7. ChannelView


  8. Alligator

    a modern Android navigation library that will help to organize your navigation code in clean and testable way.

  9. Komprehensions

    a library to reduce boilerplate and simplify your call chains.

  10. Submarine

    🚤 Floating navigation view for listing items dynamically on Android.

  11. State Machine

    A state machine library for Kotlin, with extensions for Android.

  12. TestIt

    Generate unit testing boilerplate from kotlin files.

  13. RecyclerPager

    Using RecyclerView and SnapHelper replace ViewPager


  1. Developer Quest

    Respository for the I/O 2019 demo: Become a tech lead, slay bugs, and don't get fired.

  2. Nearby Shops

    Open Source Food Delivery and Hyperlocal Platform


  1. Delect

    Delect automatically substitutes Dagger for Dagger Reflect for faster local builds.

  2. DebLibs

    A Gradle plugin that creates Github issue and Slack message for outdated dependencies so they can easily be tracked and manually upgraded.


  1. Kash

    A shell powered by Kotlin

  2. Pull

    自动化更新 Github fork 仓库代码的工具

  3. applets-conversion-cli

    ⭐小程序转换工具 (。>﹏<。)

  4. JetBrains One dark theme

    One dark theme for JetBrains IDEs. Includes normal and italic variations.

  5. android-lang-tool

    Tool for exporting and importing Android string resources for translation


  1. Material Design 与灵活适配的 UI | I/O'19 Flutter 课堂笔记 (一)


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