Android 开发技术周报 Issue#234

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#234

June 24, 2019 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 从入门到放弃 一文回顾谷歌平板史

  2. 浴霸”双摄+骁龙855 谷歌Pixel 4曝光


  1. 提升应用质量,在应用商店中尽显夺目

  2. 广色域照片闪亮登场 Android: 开发者需知两三事

  3. Flutter 最新进展与未来展望

  4. Flutter 您需要知道的知识点 | FAQ・第四期


  1. Shadow

    一个腾讯自主研发的零反射全动态 Android 插件框架,经过线上亿级用户量检验。 Shadow 不仅开源分享了插件技术的关键代码,还完整的分享了上线部署所需要的所有设计。

  2. Cooper

    Cool User agent interceptor for Okhttp3

  3. date-picker

    📅 Custom responsive date picker widget for Android, written in Kotlin and ConstraintLayout.

  4. Kastree

    Simple Kotlin Source AST and Syntax Parsing, Editing, and Writing

  5. sequence-layout

    A vertical sequence UI component for Android

  6. Muti-Barrage


  7. AndroidVideoCache

    Cache support for any video player with help of single line

  8. ScrollingPagerIndicator

    Pager indicator inspired by Instagram. Lightweight and easy to set up.

  9. CoroutineWorker

    Kotlin Coroutine-based workers for native

  10. RxAnimation

    Simple way to animate your views on Android with Rx

  11. kotlin-libui

    Kotlin/Native interop to libui: a portable GUI library

  12. ViewPagerLayoutManager

    a ViewPager like LayoutManager which implements some common animations.

  13. android-junit5

    Testing with JUnit 5 for Android.

  14. ViewPagerIndicator


  15. PrimeDatePicker

    a date picker tool which provides picking a single day in addition to a range of days.

  16. Only

    💐 An easy way to persistence and run block codes only as many times as necessary on Android.

  17. Nest Refresh

    Android refresh kit by nest scroll


  1. KataSuperHeroesJetpack

    SuperHeroes kata for Jetpack Developers in Kotlin

  2. flutter_deer

    Flutter 练习项目。包括完整UI设计图,更贴近真实项目的练习。


  1. Android Universal Boot Rooting Toolkit

    Converts stock boot images and adds hidden root (accessible via netcat session), patches selinux and adds adb. Tested with Android 4.x - 9.x.

  2. HeapSnap



  1. Android Jetpack WorkManager | Android 中文教学视频


  1. Firebase 设计师分享: 如何推进产品设计改版


  1. 罗永浩 锤下那个理想主义者


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