Android 开发技术周报 Issue#226

Android 开发技术周报 Issue#226

May 01, 2019 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Pixel 3a处理器跑分在谷歌发布会前曝光

  2. Android Q Beta 2迎来卡片式弹窗 方便通过第三方App添加联系人

  3. 2019谷歌I/O开发者大会前瞻:波折不断能否绝地反击?

  4. Android Q或迎来更加智能好用的情境感知按钮

  5. 谷歌已经连续6个月没有更新Android版本饼图了

开源库 & App

  1. Booster

    Booster 是专门为移动应用而设计的简单易用、轻量级、功能强大且可扩展的质量优化工具包,其通过动态发现和加载机制提供可扩展的能力,换言之,Booster 也是一个移动应用质量优化框架。

  2. RxDogTag

    Automatic tagging of RxJava 2 originating subscribe points for onError() investigation.

  3. SilkySignature

    An Smooth and silky signature pad for android

  4. Inline Activity Result

    Receive Activity results inline in a callback, without any boilerplate.

  5. Direct Select

    a selection widget with an ethereal, full-screen modal popup displaying the available choices when the widget is interact with.

  6. ShadowStackView

    Create something like Shadow-View animation when drag the view on screen

  7. QRefreshLayout


  8. BaseRecyclerViewAdapter

    An Adapter and ViewHolder that let you implement a RecyclerView to be split into sections.


  9. YCRefreshView


  10. ModularizationExample

    Easy to understand real-life example of a modularized Android apppi

  11. AsynKio

    Write your asynchronous Network / IO call painlessly in Kotlin


  1. Android Snapshot Publisher

    Gradle plugin to deploy Android Snapshot Versions

  2. gversion-plugin

    Gradle plugin for autogenerating version info from gradle and git


  1. WorkspacePro

    一款 macOS 的应用,帮你一键打开或关闭一堆应用,让你一键进入工作/娱乐状态。

  2. ArgusAPM

    360 开源的线上移动性能检测平台

  3. sshcode

    Run VS Code on any server over SSH.

  4. jsproxy

    一个基于浏览器端 JS 实现的在线代理


  1. Web安全学习笔记

    一份 Web 安全学习笔记,帮你学点内网渗透、漏洞攻击、安全防御等基础知识。

  2. Commit messages guide

    A guide to understand the importance of commit messages and how to write them well


  1. 如果那些电影明星变成了字体?


  1. ProductDesign Tips

    Get product design tips everyday

  2. Color Designer

    Simple Color Palette Generator


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