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February 11, 2019 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. 2019年款Pixel 4将支持双卡双待

  2. Google Play 商店现在可发布 PWA 应用

  3. Android Studio 3.3 稳定版发布

  4. Android Q黑暗模式:节省高达50%的电量

  5. Android端Chrome 72稳定版发布:增强稳定性和隐私保护

  6. Android Q:新系统名称和新特性整理

  7. Android Q更多特性曝光:版号10.0、支持App回滚降级


  1. Myers 差分算法 (Myers Difference Algorithm) —— DiffUtils 之核心算法(一)

  2. Myers 差分算法 (Myers Difference Algorithm) —— Android DiffUtils 之实现(二)

  3. 深入理解 Java 锁与线程阻塞

开源库 & App

  1. DoraemonKit


  2. Whale

    一个跨平台的 Hook Framework,同时支持 Android、iOS、Linux、MacOS。 Whale 支持 ARM/THUMB、ARM64、X86、X86_64 (AMD64),这几乎覆盖了目前所有主流的设备。

  3. Chameleon


  4. Musicoco


  5. 趣享GIF


  6. KidAdapter

    The tool considerably reduce the amount of code and increases code readability.

  7. nopen

    An error-prone checker which requires that classes be final, abstract or annotated with @ Open.

  8. TimberX

    Material theme music player that works across all form factors (phones, wear, auto, cast, assistant) and uses latest tools (Kotlin, Architecture components, Room, Databinding)

  9. dagger-reflect

    A reflection-based implementation of the Dagger dependency injection library.

  10. ExpandableHintText
    A Customisable Pretty EditText Layout for Android

  11. Retro Music Player

    Best material design music player for Android

  12. StickLayout

  13. IndicatorFastScroll

    Android library providing a simple UI control for scrolling through RecyclerViews


  1. capture-website-cli

    Capture screenshots of websites from the command-line

  2. sdk-editor-plugin

    sdk-editor 是为实现修改 APP 依赖的第三方 SDK 而开发的 Gradle 插件,插件利用 Android Plugin 官方提供的 Transform API 干预 APK Build 流程,实现对三方 SDK 中特定类的替换修改,不影响 APP 运行性能,也不会增加APK体积。

  3. Swagger Gradle Codegen

    A Gradle Plugin to generate your networking code from Swagger

  4. Git History

    一个支持快速浏览 GitHub 文件操作记录的工具,通过简单的域名替换,就可以很直观的查看项目文件的变更记录

  5. keyzen


  6. Command Cache

    GUI program that logs a detailed history of executed terminal commands for easier access.

  7. DebuCSSer

    CSS debugging tool with an unpronounceable name

  8. Steward

    A command launcher for Chrome/Firefox


  1. Google 与 Gunner 推出的最新意象图形系列


  1. Window VQA

    lets you easily debug layouts with a single long press of the home button


    Design to live website in one click.

  3. ColorHexa

    a free color tool providing information about any color and generating matching color palettes for your designs (such as complementary, analogous, triadic, tetradic or monochromatic colors schemes).


  1. 二十万粉丝的频道收入有多少?自媒体商业模式大揭秘

  2. 互联网之子 Aaron Swarts 想要看到的世界

  3. 什么是真正的程序员

  4. 你的app能活过2019吗(顶层设计篇)


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