Android开发技术周报 Issue#158

Android开发技术周报 Issue#158

December 11, 2017 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. [图]Android Wear Oreo上线:新增调整通知震动强度等功能

  2. Google Android文件管理器Files Go现已面向全球提供

  3. 谷歌宣布TensorFlow Lite支持Core ML

  4. 现已推出 Android 8.1 和 Android Oreo Go 版本


  1. Android 7.0 startActivity()源码解析以及对几个问题的思考

  2. SDK 如何进行自动化测试?

  3. 为长屏幕设备做好准备

  4. 图解HashMap(二)

开源库 & App

  1. ToastCompat

    An Android library to HOOK and FIX Toast BadTokenException

  2. Transitioner

    A library for dynamic view-to-view transitions

  3. buglife-android

    Awesome mobile bug reporting

  4. ScrimInsetsLayout

    ScrimInsetsFrameLayout from the design support library

  5. HighLite

    An SQLite ORM for Android with automatic database migrations built with annotation processing

  6. EasyAdapter

    This project demonstrates simple approach for implementation complex lists, based on RecyclerView.

  7. Android-DisposeBag

    This will help Android developers prevent memory leaks in their apps by automatically disposing RxJava subscriptions at the right time.

  8. ReActiveAndroid

    Simple and powerful ORM for Android

  9. permissions4m

    an Android Runtime Permissions Tool by using APT

  10. ClassPlugin

    A flexible class replacement plugin for gradle

  11. Firefox Focus for Android

    The privacy browser - Browse like no one’s watching.


  1. UPNG minifier

    fast PNG minifier


  1. 【中文教学视频】Android Oreo 中的后台进程


  1. Git 原理详解及实用指南


  1. 10分钟学会看懂谷歌分析,营销达人就是你

  2. 埃隆·马斯克的认知论:如何把一件事做到十倍好


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