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October 16, 2017 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Android Wear 公测版发布


  1. DataBinding源码解析

  2. 美团 App 插件化实践

  3. Android 7.0 中 ContentProvider 实现原理

  4. 微信“15。。。。。”背后的故事

  5. png 的故事:隔行扫描算法

  6. gif 的故事:解剖表情动图的构成

开源库 & App

  1. FlowingDrawer

    swipe display drawer with flowing & bouncing effects.

  2. LazyLoadingViews

    Loading effect for the child views in Adapter View before binding data from service

  3. Chips Input Layout

    A highly customizable Android ViewGroup for displaying Chips (specified in the Material Design Guide)

  4. Slidetoact

    A simple 'Slide to Unlock' Material widget for Android, written in Kotlin

  5. Matcha

    A framework for building iOS and Android apps in Go


  1. Android Guidelines

    Architecture and code guidelines we use at ribot when developing for Android


  1. P3C

    Java 代码规约扫描插件


  1. Android 支持库 v26 有哪些变化?

  2. Android 8.0 Oreo 推送通知的变化


  1. “黑暗模式”正在成为互联网产品增长的潜规则

  2. 什么是以太坊大都会:终极指南

  3. 如何让工作更有效率

  4. 开源许可证教程

  5. Learning How to Learn

  6. 我在 ThoughtWorks 中的敏捷实践


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