Android开发技术周报 Issue#126

Android开发技术周报 Issue#126

April 24, 2017 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. Android 兼容性 | 充分利用新款 Android 旗舰设备上更大的纵横比

  2. 重磅登场!Google Play Console 新装降临

  3. Android O移除HttpsURLConnection中不安全的TLS版本回退

  4. [图]Google Play应用“My Apps”页面重大改版:更直观更简洁

  5. Android吉祥物形象乱入朝鲜少年宫背景墙

  6. Android Pay新添重磅合作伙伴:可用PayPal线上线下付款


  1. RxJava 设计回顾

  2. 使用Espresso实现完整覆盖的App功能测试

  3. Android O 中对设备标识符所做的变更

  4. FileProvider 在 Android N 上的应用

  5. Twitter Lite以及大规模的高性能React渐进式网络应用

  6. How to handle background services in ANDROID O?

开源库 & App

  1. ChromeLikeTabSwitcher

    Provides a tab switcher similar to the one, which is used in Google Chrome on Android

  2. Laevatein

    Photo image selection activity set library. Currently under development.

  3. ExtraMapUtils

    ExtraMapUtils is an android library to make working with map markers, polygon and polyline drawing on googlemaps, more convenient.

  4. okhttp-oauth2-client

    A modern Android oAuth2 library using OkHttp with resource owner password grant types and easy token refreshing.

  5. storage-chooser

    A pretty and simple directory chooser and file picker library for 4.4+ devices.

  6. Android-InfiniteCards

    An infinite card switching UI for Android, support custom animation

  7. Matisse

    🎆 A well-designed local image selector for Android

  8. PolygonDrawingUtil

    An efficient Android utility class for drawing regular polygons on a Canvas.

  9. litho

    A declarative framework for building efficient UIs on Android.

  10. rx2-timer

    A rxjava2 timer for android

  11. expanding-collection-android

    ExpandingCollection is a card peek/pop controller

  12. PonyMusic

    一个支持本地、在线音乐,基于Material Design,优雅的音乐播放器


  1. tamperchrome(by ruanyf)

    谷歌推出一个网站开发利器,可以拦截并修改HTTP请求。也就是说,网页跟服务器的通信,你可以轻松监控,随手改掉,HTTPS 请求也可以喔!

  2. xi-mac

    A modern editor with a backend written in Rust.

  3. sketch-preview

    Sketch plugin to preview mockups in Skala Preview

  4. sketch-preview

    Generate a static site (ya know, like github pages) from a Sketch file


  1. Toast(吐司提示)的曾经、现在与未来

  2. Sketch Hacks Series 01:打造一應萬變的神奇按鈕(Magic Button)


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