Android开发技术周报 Issue#117

Android开发技术周报 Issue#117

February 20, 2017 0 条评论 AndroidDevWeekly


  1. TensorFlow 1.0 发布,更快、更灵活、更方便!(含峰会主题演讲视频)

  2. Google 已正式放弃对 Android “姜饼”和“蜂巢”的 Play 服务更新

  3. 合并Android和Chrome OS的Fuchsia最新消息

  4. 2017谷歌I/O大会时间正式公布:2月22日开始报名

  5. Google 的新操作系统 Andromeda

  6. 你用过Google Play吗 它与App Store有何差异呢?

  7. [图]Instant Tethering功能登陆Pixel和Nexus设备

  8. Google正在为Play Store测试几项升级

  9. Android Wear 2.0智能回复不需联网?这是最新的离线AI技术


  1. 从json文件到炫酷动画-Lottie实现思路和源码分析

  2. Android AOP之字节码插桩详解

  3. 2016 移动应用质量大数据报告

  4. 深入剖析 Android中的 ArrayMap

  5. Android神奇“控件”-RemoteViews

开源库 & App

  1. sensey

    Detecting gestures in a snap

  2. ChatKit

    Flexible components for chat UI implementation.

  3. Diffre

    Neon Progress indicator useful for Calendar-like View. Proof of concept.

  4. ChanelView

    It is an example that demostrate simple use case of Gestures (basically fling), dynamic Linear Layout and ScrollView.

  5. Alerter

    An Android Alterting Library

  6. slideview

    An awesome sliding button library for android.

  7. mkloader

    Beautiful and smooth custom loading views

  8. DragSelectRecyclerView

    TouchListener that can be attached to any RecyclerView and handles multi selection for you

  9. AlphabetIndex-Fast-Scroll-RecyclerView

    A Powerful AlphabetIndex FastScroller for Android's RecyclerView!

  10. UnifiedContactPicker

    Unified Contact Picker Android Library

  11. Dachshund-Tab-Layout

    Extended Android Tab Layout with animated indicators that have continuous feedback.

  12. Two-Step-Picker-Dialog

    Two step wheel picker dialog for Android


  1. awesome-command-line-apps


  2. awesome-osx-command-line

    一些有用的 OSX 终端命令

  3. simpleperf


  4. show-java

    An apk decompiler for android


  1. 技术小黑屋-我学 Android 的那些套路


  1. 2017年设计趋势大观


  1. 蛋解创业


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