Android开发技术周报特刊之RxJava&RxAndroid Issue#1

Android开发技术周报特刊之RxJava&RxAndroid Issue#1


  1. 深入浅出RxJava(一:基础篇)

  2. 译文 The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing

  1. 谜之 RxJava (一) — 最基本的观察者模式

  2. 谜之RxJava (二) — Magic Lift

  3. 迷之RxJava (三) — 线程切换

  4. 【译】在正确的线程上观察

  5. RxWeekend——RxJava周末狂欢

  6. RxJava 常见误区(一):过度使用 Subject

  1. RxJava操作符(一)Creating Observables

  2. RxJava操作符(二)Transforming Observables

  3. RxJava操作符(三)Filtering

  4. RxJava操作符(四)Combining

  5. RxJava操作符(五)Error Handling

  6. RxJava操作符(六)Utility

  7. RxJava操作符(七)Conditional and Boolean

  8. RxJava操作符(八)Aggregate

  9. 【译】RxJava变换操作符:.concatMap( )与.flatMap( )的比较

  10. 【译】避免打断链式结构:使用.compose( )操作符

  1. 使用Rxjava实现三级缓存(上)

  2. 使用Rxjava实现三级缓存(下)

  3. 【译】使用RxJava实现延迟订阅

  4. 【译】使用RxJava从多个数据源获取数据

  5. 使用RxJava 提升用户体验

  6. 【译】使用RxJava代替EventBus类库

  1. RxJava Essentials 中文翻译版


  1. RxSmartLock

    Reactive extension for Google's Smart Lock for Passwords API.

  2. Rxjava-extras

    Utilities for use with rxjava.

  3. RxCache

    Reactive caching library for Android and Java.

  4. Rx-realm

    A lightweight wrapper around realm-java, which introduces reactive stream semantics to SQL operations. (Inspired by square/sqlbrite)

  5. RxFingerprint

    Android Fingerprint authentication and encryption APIs wrapped in RxJava

  6. RxAnimationBinding

    RxJava binding APIs for Android's animations

  7. Android-RxFirebase

    RxJava implementation for the Android Firebase client.

  8. RxAnimationBinding

    RxJava binding APIs for Android's animations

  9. RxAccountManager

    Small library that wraps Account manager API in RxJava Observables reducing boilerplate to minimum.

  10. RxWifi

    This library has been built in order to help us in retrieving the different networks in range of the device providing the result as an Observable instead of relying on usual Android's Receiver paradigm.

  11. RxFit

    Reactive Fitness API Library for Android and RxJava

  12. RxWear

    Reactive Wearable API Library for Android and RxJava

  13. RxBus

    Event Bus By RxJava

  14. RxAndroidAudio

    Android Audio encapsulation library, with part Rx support

  15. RxSensor

    Simple reactive wrapper for Android sensors

  16. RXlint

    rxlint is (currently) a single lint check that checks if a rxjava subscriber is handling the onError() callback

  17. ReactiveWiFi

    Android library listening available WiFi Access Points and related information with RxJava Observables

  18. RxBluetoothAuto

    This project contains sample code for Bluetooth communication This includes *Rx based click events *Rx based Bluetooth connection *Auto connect feature if the connection get lost

  19. RxFcm

    RxJava extension for Android Firebase Cloud Messaging (aka fcm).

  20. RxGpsService

    An Android service to retrieve GPS locations and route stats using RxJava


  1. 揭开 RXJava Subscribers 的什么面纱

    Jake Wharton 在Øredev Conference 做的关于 RXJava Subscribers 的分享。


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