Android开发技术周报特刊之Kotlin Issue#0

Android开发技术周报特刊之Kotlin Issue#0

May 19, 2017 0 条评论 AndroidDevSpecialWeekly, Kotlin


  1. Kotlin Primer

  2. Kotlin在Android中的应用

  3. Kotlin实践


  1. 官方文档

  2. kotlin-reference-chinese

  3. kotlin-in-chinese


  1. kotlin-koans

    Kotlin Koans are a series of exercises to get you familiar with the Kotlin Syntax.

  2. kotlin-native

    Kotlin/Native is a LLVM backend for the Kotlin compiler, runtime implementation and native code generation facility using LLVM toolchain.

  3. ktor

    Web backend framework for Kotlin

  4. kotlinpoet

    A Kotlin API for generating .kt source files.

  5. Lattekit

    一个灵感来自 React.js, 可以让你在 Kotlin 项目种快速创建 UI 的框架

  6. mockito-kotlin

    Using Mockito with Kotlin

  7. Frodo

    Android Library for Logging RxJava Observables and Subscribers.

  8. sentry-beaconfire

    Kotlin based sentry android application

  9. anko

    Anko is a Kotlin library which makes Android application development faster and easier.


  1. Kotlin从入门到『放弃』系列 视频教程

  2. Android Development with Kotlin(需要梯子)

  3. Functional Programming with Kotlin(需要梯子)

  4. Advancing Android Development with the Kotlin Language(需要梯子)

  5. Flexible Types in Kotlin(需要梯子)

  6. Kotlin on Android(需要梯子)

  7. I built an app in Kotlin, and my client still paid me

  8. Kotlin: the swift of Android(需要梯子)

  9. Type-Safe Web with Kotlin(需要梯子)


  1. awesome-kotlin


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