Android Studio 4.0 RC 1 available

Android Studio 4.0 RC 1 available

本次更新修复了以下 Bug:

Android Gradle Plugin

  • Issue #154218507: Desugaring is disabled when dexing library code in shrunk library
  • Issue #154145638: Use correct minSdkVersion when fetching desugar_lib_dex from transform

Shrinker (R8)

  • Issue #153858923: R8 2.0.65 wrongly change classes to abstract
  • Issue #154531810: ClassCastException after updating to R8 2.0.59 (Android Gradle plugin 4.0.0-beta04)
  • Issue #153514654: VerifyError on dalvik with code catching ErrornoException
  • Issue #154315490: "R8: NullPointerException during IR Conversion" with gradle plugin 3.6.2
  • Issue #132828740: During evaluation of conditional if rules, dependent items are enqueued for un-met preconditions


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