Emulator 30.0.18 Canary

Emulator 30.0.18 Canary


  • Embedded Emulator:

    • Fixed issue where uppercase characters were delivered as lower case characters in the emulator.
  • Fixed loading console token from a unicode path in windows.

  • Fixed SO_REUSEPORT error message on linux.

  • Updated ANGLE shader translator to keep up with upstream ANGLE. This fixed an issue around memory corruption when translating and constant-folding OpenGL ES shaders that used non-square matrices. The shader translator is now a separate shared library, libshadertranslator.dll.

  • Added console commands to obtain the emulator AVD directory, discovery file path in the Studio-embedded use case, and path to snapshots:

  • adb emu avd path # Obtains path to AVD directory

  • adb emu avd discoverypath # Obtains path to discovery file

  • adb emu avd snapshotspath # Obtains path to snapshots folder

  • adb emu avd snapshotpath <snapshotName> # Obtains path to the folder that stores the snapshot for the snapshot with name <snapshotName>

  • On macOS, SSE 4.1 and 4.2 are now available from inside the Android guest.


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