Emulator 30.0.14 Canary

Emulator 30.0.14 Canary

Android 模拟器真是一点一点变的更好使了呀,本次更新内容:

  • Added support for hinge sensors for foldable devices. This requires a future R system image and AVD configuration.
  • To make it easier to save vertical screen space, we've added an option to hide the device frame for the current AVD in Extended Controls > Settings. To globally hide device frames for all AVDs, we've made available the NoDeviceFrame feature flag, which can be activated via launching the emulator from the command line with -feature NoDeviceFrame, or to lock it in, adding NoDeviceFrame = on to ~/.android/advancedFeatures.ini (Create this file if it doesn't exist already).
  • Upgraded toolchain / build to C++17.
  • Since our copy of the D3D9 ANGLE renderer was removed a few versions ago, we now also auto switch users who were on that renderer to D3D11 ANGLE if it was selected in the UI preferences.
  • Emulator now correctly reports boot time coming from a device reboot.
  • Embedded emulator: Devices with rounded corners/notches now properly change their layout to make room for the corners/notch. This requires a cold boot of those emulators.
  • Added more debug logging for when OpenGLES emulation fails to initialize.
  • Vulkan: We've reverted back to using the prebuilt loader as favoring the system Vulkan loader caused issues in some setups; will figure out a better solution.


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