Emulator 30.0.13 Canary

Emulator 30.0.13 Canary

本次更新以及修复的 Bugs:

  • Linux: In the case where there are insufficient KVM permissions, the emulator now prints debugging instructions more promptly.
  • Fixed issue when using Vulkan external memory where it could have allowed mismatching memory type indices on the host on import. More details
  • Fixed issue in emulation of GL_ALIASED_POINT_SIZE_RANGE where the enum was not supported on the host.
  • Fixed issue where the emulator could not boot recent system images with no acceleration.
  • Fixed memory corruption / crash on start from a boot-completed detector.
  • Linux: We now prioritize using the system Vulkan loader over the packaged Vulkan loader.
  • Fixed issue where on some host GPUs, Skia shaders could not compile due to errors related to GL_EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch. The extension should now be properly supported if the host GPU has the extension.
  • Fixed memory leak during long screen recording sessions.


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