Android Studio 4.2 Canary 4 available

Android Studio 4.2 Canary 4 available


本次更新修复如下 Bug:

Android Gradle Plugin

Code Analysis

  • Issue #36978767: Add corresponding Intention for inspection "Toast created but not shown: did you forget to call show() "
  • Issue #62405955: (Feature request) Provide inspection for missing show() call on Snackbar

Database Inspector

  • Issue #157461456: Database inspector disappear from toolbar
  • Issue #159575631: Simple (and complex) query using With clause doesn't work on the Database Inspector


  • Issue #158874142: Studio clipboard does not pick up clipboard selection from the emulator


  • Issue #140626689: False positive for Service.onStartCommand return value WrongConstant check
  • Issue #119711823: "Invalid format string" lint rule doesn't report issue for a space in patern "% s"
  • Issue #136534380: "Buttons in button bars should be borderless" warning in a layout XML doesn't have an auto-fix option
  • Issue #77299597: "Combining ellipsize=middle and maxLines=1..." warning should not show when minSdkVersion is 23 or higher
  • Issue #74058591: "Unexpected failure during lint analysis" for invalid replace string quick fix masks actual problem
  • Issue #111035260: "enable 'LogConditional'" doesn't enable check
  • Issue #37053735: "Unexpected cast" Inspection should offer replacement suggestion
  • Issue #62810553: "android:host is missing" for uris with null host
  • Issue #158295165: Android Lint: Unknown Issue IDs should NOT break the build
  • Issue #158189490: NewApi lint check does not factor in usage of core library desugaring


  • Issue #158406168: Navigation component Illegal circular reference among navigation files when traversing navigation file references starting with navigationXmlId

New Code/Templates


  • Issue #151480852: Bug: color preview in colors.xml file can show the wrong one, referenced by a different qualifier

SDK Manager

View Binding

  • Issue #158065847: Autocomplete for binding classes in Android Studio 4.0 could be better


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