Android Studio 4.2 Canary 2 available

Android Studio 4.2 Canary 2 available

本次更新修复的 Bug 如下:


  • Issue #156673459: [AS Integration] Wording for the warning of AGP version is lower than AS
  • Issue #157696585: Review wordings used by the Ml Model Binding feature
  • Issue #158129876: [AS Integration] Mac only: table header display with ellipsis when column content is too short

Android App Bundles

  • Issue #120517460: Unable to use `shrinkResources` in base module with dynamic features

Android Gradle Plugin

  • Issue #112699321: Support APK Signature Scheme v3
  • Issue #158468794: AGP 4.1 alpha 9 & 10 can't run task :tasks on root module. DefaultTaskContainer#register(String, Class, Action) on task set cannot be executed in the current context.

Database Inspector



  • Issue #157181475: View > Emulator doesn't toggle
  • Issue #150051156: Android Studio not AMD processor friendly; tries to automatically install Intel drivers rather than AMD.


  • Issue #157463496: Add integration tests for Manifest Class Generation (GenerateManifestJarTask)

Gradle Files Editor

  • Issue #157287524: Bug: IDE suggest to update gradle version for a new project, and then fails to update it well when applied


  • Issue #158018185: When using "make project", AS reports build failures when using Kotlin DSL in buildSrc

New Code/Templates

  • Issue #157809813: Default module name has two columns (::mylibrary) instead of only one (:mylibrary).

Running Tests

Upgrade Assistant

  • Issue #120273289: Don't recommend updating android gradle plugin to alpha version when my android studio version is a beta (and likewise for stable->beta)


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